Rvb S10 E18 "Change of Plans"

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Author: Sorry about the accidental publish, guess I was a bit drowsy when writing. But it's now, fully complete now, so enjoy!

Past/Boot Camp
It's been a few days since the "accident."  After he came out of Sargent Alan's office, Ethan and Racheal immediately ran up to him, still shocked at what he did to Riley. Racheal mostly approved of his action, while Ethan was freaking out about what's going to happen with Leo.

Speaking of him, he was currently sitting on his bed in the barracks, dreading for what's coming. Leo hasn't been able to do anything, but stay in the barracks or eat in the mess hall. But recently today, the Sargent told Leo to wait in the barracks. So, he was doing as he was told, patiently waiting for-

Sargent Alan: Private Church!

Leo bolts up from his bed and looks at the entrance of the barracks, seeing his Sargent and a man wearing advance looking black armour. Making his way over to them, Leo stands still and salutes.

Leo: Sir!

Sargent Alan: Private Church, I'd like you to meet Special Officer Lemons, he'll be taking you off my hands.

Leo goes puzzled at this.

Leo: I thought I was going to stay here?

Sargent Alan: Sorry Leo, but the situation changed. It was either this or kicking you out of the military. I think we both know, you wouldn't want that.

Leo nods, before turning his attention over to Officer Lemons.

Lemons: Just grab whatever you have and follow me, the Pelican is waiting for us.

Leo nods and heads back to his bed, grabbing his clothes, personal items and his Railgun. He slings the bag onto his shoulder, before walking back to Lemons.

Lemons: Alright, come along now.

As Lemons walks out of the Barracks, Leo goes to follow him, until a hand lands on his shoulder.

Sargent Alan: Take care of yourself, alright?

Leo: (Smiles) Will do, Sir.

The Sargent let's go of him, allowing Leo to exit the Barracks. As Leo follows behind Lemons, they walk past the trainees who are doing push-ups. Among them is Racheal who looks to the side, while doing her pushups and see's Leo. She taps Ethan who's next to her, who also spots Leo and they both get up, jogging over to him.

Ethan: Leo, where you going?

Racheal: Yeah and who's the guy in the black armour?

Leo: (Sighs) I'm leaving with him, guys.

Ethan: Leaving? Like leaving for a short time or forever leaving?

Leo: I don't know, but it's probably going to be a long time.

Not once did Leo, imagine never seeing his friends again.

Lemons (Distance): We don't have all day!

Leo looks over his shoulder and see's Lemons waiting.

Leo: (Yells) Just a moment!

Leo turns back to his friends with a sad expression.

Racheal: So, is this going to be goodbye?

Leo: No... I'll probably see you guys later, alright.

Racheal and Ethan smile at this, before pulling Leo into a hug.

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