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A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Halo Fanfic) by ClassicSix
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/ Six
After ensuring the escape of the Autumn, Noble Six fights to survive on a Covenant infested planet where he believes is his final mission. But, ONI believes he is to val...
Some Brave Heroes by agent_epsilon
Some Brave Heroesby agent_epsilon
Project Freelancer. No one said there was an age limit. Halie Church was the youngest Freelancer. She had followed her family to war, but it didn't work the way she want...
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Spartan Reader by Jackal2Guud
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Jackal2Guud
After accidentally traveling back in time, Spartan Y/N joins Team Rainbow in their fight against the white masks. HALO X RAINBOW SIX
class 1 a's lovable blue idiot by rex103rex
class 1 a's lovable blue idiotby rex103rex
what if caboose was sent to bnha and meet's class 1 A and become friends with them and finds love will the lovable blue idiot of the reds and blues return home or stay i...
A New Agent. (Rewritten!) by BlankyBoi
A New Agent. (Rewritten!)by BlankyBoi
A marine in the Great War is offered a position into Project Freelancer by the Director himself. I OWN NOTHING, only my idea (some aspects of my OC) Ideas from Gears of...
Red Vs Blue: Agent New Jersey: The Blood Gulch Chronicles by Frontful
Red Vs Blue: Agent New Jersey: Frontful
|Book 1| The Freelancer Program was very... controversial to say the least. 50 agents, all of which named after the 50 states. This is the story of Nathaniel Carmine; Ag...
My Little High School Harem Is Anime(Male reader x MLP Harem) by MEMEmasterr420
My Little High School Harem Is .
You were the new guy at Canterlot Highschool.Just wanting to get the days over with you started to attract the attention of a few people.The next thing you knew you got...
A school life for idiots by Mangareader2307
A school life for idiotsby Mangareader2307
We all know the story of isekai quartet, four isekai anime's crossing over and having school life high jinx But what would happen if two groups of idiots pushed a rando...
Spartan OC Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles  by HauntingBlock36
Spartan OC Red vs Blue: The Hauntingblock36
A Spartan has been transferred to the Hot, Sweltering canyon of Blood Gulch. Find out what adventures lie ahead for him. #5 rvb 10/9/2021 #2 noble6 10/9/2021 #1 noble6 1...
The Guardian (RVB x Destiny) by St4rkiller2001
The Guardian (RVB x Destiny)by S0u1c41ib3r
I do not own Halo or Destiny or Red vs Blue
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemons by Garnat2001
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemonsby Perla
It's just you and them ;)
Red vs Blue Season 1: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 1: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
Red vs blue season 1, but with a new man in the group of dumbasses! The Oc Leo is owned by Me Red vs Blue is owned by "Rooster Teeth"
Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert) by Alpha423
Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert)by Silver_Wolf423
You were one of the first freelancers and one of the best you could never fill a mission no matter what happens you always succeed no matter who you fight you always com...
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Season One  by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, but with a twist! A drop pod crash lands into Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha, and within it is an unconscious girl with very few memories. . . . The OC Ruby be...
Blood Gulch High by fandomgirl87
Blood Gulch Highby fandomgirl87
What if all the characters in the YouTube series Red Vs. Blue went to the same high school? What if the "jerks" from the series were the jocks that think they'...
Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles by Fireslash97
Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch H3LL-SL4Y3R
Basically a remaster of my original series. New OC, new armor and a bunch of other stuff. Red vs Blue is about to get redone!
Agent Arizona: Man or Machine? by Fireslash97
Agent Arizona: Man or Machine?by H3LL-SL4Y3R
After the Great War between Humanity and the Covenant, we were at peace. The Elites had made a truce with Humanity and all was well, except for Rex Marcus Wolford. He wa...
The A.I by ItsLavender
The A.Iby ItsLavender
You, the reader, are a fan of the popular web series Red vs Blue. One day, you wake up and right in front of you is a familiar tiny green holographic man. You soon reali...
The ODST in Project Freelancer by ct-2297
The ODST in Project Freelancerby Bopper
His background was shrouded in mystery, much like his face. He always wore his helmet, and it was rumored he wore a mask while sleeping. He was rarely seen, though he wa...