Rvb S10 E1 "Revenant"

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Author: Yep, season 10 has just begun and I can already tell my brain is going to hurt during writing this. I thought Season 9 was difficult to write, but seeing how it has less flashbacks than season 10. Meaning a lot more scenes to be written.

I might be overreacting, but when you try to write your own scenes for rvb a show with a lot of standing around and talking... it's a task to write. But it's great to know I've got you guys out there, helping me with writing this series!

And with time, effort and a lot of energy drinks, we can get through this! Also, I don't know how good the flashbacks will turn out so, just bear with me here. Anyway, I now present red vs blue season 10!

It was raining lightly from the sky, drenching the people down below. The sky was as grey the peoples faces as they all stood around two holes in the ground. Everyone there was attended a funeral of two beloved people, as their caskets could be seen inside the graves... waiting to be buried.

Off to the side of the graves, stood five UNSC soldiers in their uniforms, saluting. They all had a battle rifle on their backs, as a they watch a high ranking officer make his way to the front. Everyones eyes lay on him, as he clears his throat.

Officer: We are gathered here today to honour and pay tribute to the life of Lucas and Sharon, and to express our love and gratitude for the both of them and their service to our country. Also to try to bring some comfort to those of their family and friends who are here and have been deeply hurt by their sudden death.

Most people in the crowd begin to wipe away their tears.

Officer: Lucas and Sharon, we're good people and excellent soldiers to have under my command. What made them great is the fact they still continued to help fight our battles, while they fought their own.

One of the UNSC soldiers lined up who was a woman with blond hair, fought back to hold the tears that threaten to escape.

Officer: To those that don't know these two, Lucas and Sharon we're a loving couple... with a son they loved with all their heart. I have never had the privilege of knowing these two personal, but I do know others that knew them, the people that counted in their life's. Could Allison Church, come up and say a few words.

The Officer moves off to the side as the UNSC soldier known as Allison, makes her way to the front. She takes a few deep breaths, before speaking.

Allison: Lucas and Sharon were... surprisingly the best friends I've ever had the pleasure of having. When I first meet these two during our years in the UNSC, we we're assigned in the same squad and I never once thought we could get along with each other... and I guess I was wrong.

She begins to smile.

Allison: Now, Lucas... he could be described as a big brother to anyone that knew him, he'd always be there to lend a hand for anyone in need of it. (Laughs lightly) I remember one time, during training I stole a packet of his Oreos and he spent the whole day searching for it, until the Sargent question what the hell he was doing. I never let him, lived that down ever since then and he'd always get annoyed whenever I mention it.

Allison finishes chuckling as her face held the same expression as before.

Allison: As for Sharon... she was mostly the one that had to keep Lucas and I in check all the time. You could say, she was the mature one of the three of us. Sharon was a smart girl and was quite the mechanic to, she could fix cars, tanks and even pelicans, you name it. She even helped teach me, herself in fixing things.

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