Tour Bus

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Peyton's POV

We just landed, we exited the plane into a crowd of girls. Some were screaming, crying, and all of them were going insane. We had to walk though this freaking crowd to leave the airport. Are you serious.

All of us huddled together and started walking. Bodyguards around us blocking the girls. These girls are so loud I could barely hear myself think. Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, OMG was all I could hear.

I could also hear 'who are they' or 'what is she doing with me man.' Oh I could hear the hate coming though my twitter now.

We finally got outside to the cars waiting. Their were our cars waiting for us. One for the cheerleaders and I. The other for he boys. We jumped into the black van and closed the door.

"That was crazy" Matt, said after we finally calmed down.

"For sure and I can already hear the hate coming." I said resting my head on Jamie's shoulder.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well for starters they were look at us like we had two heads. Also whoever hangs out with the boy most likely always get hate. Then rumors will start soon. Oh I can hear them." Pretending to listen to something outside the window. We started laughing at my stupid little move.

"Remember when they said Peyton and Matt were dating. You were getting so much hate for 'slipping up' Marly." Caleb, said putting air quotes around slipping up.

"Yeah that was terrible. I was being called a slut, whore. They also said I probably slept with the whole team. Like bish you don't knowing me!" being all sassy like. Using my hands like people do when they get mad. (Well I do. I may just me. I am a weirdo.)

"Look, this place is beautiful." Carly, said looking out at the beautiful city of California. We will be here for about 3 weeks for different areas. Each week or half a week we change location. That are fairly close to the gym we will be at.

"GUYS, GUYS!" Jamie, said excitingly.

"What!" I said laughing at her burst of energy. She looks like a little kid on Christmas.

"What if we meet youtubers?" She smiled.

"Yes, we have to go to Awesomeness TV Studios." Carly, said eyes lighting up. Whenever we weren't at cheer or doing homework. We would watch youtube.

"We guys are obsessed." Keegan, stated out.

"Are not." the girls and I said together.

"Are too" they all said back to us. That went on for awhile till our drive interrupted us.

"Where here." We jumped out getting our stuff too. We look at the building and it is gorgeous. It looked to be about 15 stories high, a cream white with blue lights glowing.

We walk in seeing beautiful paints and a lovely lounge area. We look to the desk to see the boys, my dad and two other bodyguards.

"Hello" we said walking up to them all.

"Hey so here are the rooms. There are four different room right across from each other. Each up to 3 or 5 bed. Okay so the bodyguards and I will be in 1020. 1D boys will be in 1021 across from us. Then we Peyton, Carly and Jamie will be in 1023. Then the boys Keegan, Caleb, Matt, TJ, and jack will be in 1022 across from you. Sound good everyone." Passing keys around to their specific rooms. We all nodded and put our keys in our pockets.

"Hiya." we turn around to see Jack and TJ.

"Hey I haven't seen you guys in like forever." Jamie, said as we hug them or the guys doing what they do.

"We saw you at worlds." TJ, said smiling.

"Point exactly." in her duh tone.

"Same old Jamie." putting her hand under chin smiling like a how little kids do.

"Come on, let's head up. Then we will show you the tour bus." My dad said heading to the elevators. We got on, pressed 10 as the elevator escalated. Soon after the opened and we slept up to our rooms.

Carly open the door and it was beautiful. Also like the one the boys and I stayed in at Florida. Just little smaller and cuter.

"Okay Let's pick rooms and put our stuff in them. I got a text from my dad saying to be down it 10 minutes." I told them dragging my stuff to a random room.

"Peyton why don't you get the master bedroom." Carly, said about to open the door.

"No one of you take it." I said opening the door to see a queen bed in the middle, a vanity, closet, a beautiful view. I set my bags by the wall and walked out into then into the living room, jumping on then couch. Playing on my phone.

"Why are you so difficult?" Jamie, said walking in and on the couch.

"What?" I said looking at her and Carly.

"Why didn't you take the master. It beautiful. We were invited to come and tag along. You should of taken." Carly, said.

"No we are all invited on the tour. We are all here for our summer jobs. Now get over and let's go see the Tour bus." I said opening the door to head to the main lobby.

"Finally took you long enough." Matt, said to us.

"Shut it lover boy." I smirked as Carly went over to him holding his hand.

"Okay let's go see the busses." My dad said. We exited though the back door to see them. When I saw them my jaw dropped.

"The cheer bus!" my dad said holding his hands up like he was presenting it to a contestant on a game show.

The bus had a group picture of all of us from world. Then their was one of us stunting, in middle of double, dance. It was amazing.

"Woah!" is what we all said.

"Go see inside." my dad gave Keegan the key to open it as the boys looked at theirs.

We all ran to the bus, unlocking it, and looked around. Their were so much stuff. Their medical equipment for injury. I would probably do it since I am now a physical therapist. Also, some bands for jumps. Their had to be about 20 so we could use them for the camp. Then also some flyer stands and equipment for stretching and balances.

We looked farther back to see make up and hair supplies for us. There were straighteners, wands, blow dries, hair bands, bobby pins, tiny elastics, hairspray anything you can think of. With all different make up supplies. It was every girls dream.

Also, it had a kitchen. Already supplied with food. A flat screen tv, Play Stations and games. My dad even got some weight for the guys. Nothing big or anything but like 20-70 pound weights. Anything a guy dreams of.

"I fricken love your dad" they all said. Still in awe from the bus. I couldn't blame them. I was too.

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