Broken Hearts

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Niall's POV

Today I try again, like I have been doing repeatedly for the last couple days. The day of the fight is the day when Peyton completely cut herself off from reality, like she was in her own fantasy.

Each day I come to her door, knocking and knocking, eventually I sit down and knock and..... well you know knock. No matter how much I plead for her to let me in she will not, she let nothing in and nothing out. Except for when she got food for no one knows when she leaves the privacy of her room. I have tried to give her the space she needs, but no longer will I sit around and wait.

I woke up extremely early, 12 am, so I could get the chance of when she went to get food. Which was in the early morning so no one would see her. I pack a bag of treats so I would not leave my position. Which makes me think, why did I not think of this earlier.

I opened the door, entering the girls suit, grabbed a chair and dragged it in front of Peyton's door. Plopping myself down on the chair and beginning the waiting process. Digging into my bags of goods; pulling out a bag of Dorito's cool ranch, snacking on the crunchy delicious chips.


4 am

Three hours have passed and nothing has left or entered the room, no movement was heard nor seen. I was bored beyond belief, my head pounded from starring at my phone screen for so long, but it kept me busy and has kept me from falling asleep multiple times.

I dropped my phone to the ground, my pounding head winning over my boredom; as I clutched my head between my hands, squeezing my eyes shut and rubbing my temples as if it would relieve all the pain and pressure.

Though one little sound distracted me from he pain bring my eyes up to the door. Seeing the bright light escaped under the door into he dark hallway, standing up coming closer to the door waiting for it to open.

Begging for it to swing open.

Finally the door whipped open, as I came face to face with my girl, she looked like she has been though hell though she was all I need at this time. I need her back by my side, no body else can fill her place.

Once her exhausted eyes, not from lack of sleep, reached mine; it was as I saw right though her. I no longer saw the vibrant uplift bright unique eyes I longed to stare into. I now stared into the the dull, dark, sullen eyes; know that this is not the Peyton I have seen before.

My princess before me was now broken beyond belief.

"Peyton?" coming out as a whisper as my eyes stayed locked in hers. Though she did not utter one words; she side stepped me and walked straight into the kitchen.

"Please, Peyton. Don't close us out, let us help you." shuffling though the refrigerator looking for the food. Grabbing all need materials and retreating back to her room.

"We need you Peyton it has not been the same." hot on her tail back to her room. Though she pretended that I was not there and kept walking.

"I need you.." as if something click and Peyton stopped dead in her tracks. Her gaze dropping to her bear feet quickly stepping to face her. Grabbing her delicate hands in mine rough calluses ones.

"Peyton please? I am begging, let us help." slowly her head raise as once again our eyes locked frozen in the moment just standing there with each other.

"You wouldn't understand; no one can help me." dropping my hands and walking to her room.

"Help me understand then, you can't keep yourself cooped up in that room. It's not healthy for you or anyone in fact!" making it right up to the room as she entered. Attempted to shut the door right in my face, though i stuck my foot out blocking the barrier between us. Though, I felt as if my foot almost broke right there on the spot.

"God Damit' I cursed in pain, pushing the door open to Peyton's room. I say it was a mess; is a understatement. Clothes, make up, and products were scattered all around the floor. Her bed covers were striped from the bed, piled up in the corner. The only items on the bed were her phone, computer and her favorite white fake fur blanket she brought on tour.

"Can you just leave me alone right now." She hissed, plopping down on the bed; grabbing her phone, to only throw it back down on the bed. Wrapping herself in her fluffy blanket, pressing a button on her computer as a movie or show began to play.

Still stunned by the tone of Peyton's voice, it was cold and emotionless. Never have I seen this side of her. Quickly I am pulled out of my trance and thoughts by Peyton speaking to me.

"Are you gonna leave?" Making no eye contact, focusing solely on her computer screen before her.

"Not until you talk to me Peyton." Waiting for a reply from her. After a minute of silence except the computer in the back round, I had enough. Walking up to her bed, I grabbed the computer, shut it close and walked away with it.

"I was watching that!" She hissed in annoyance feeling her eyes burning in my back. Placing the computer carefully down on her suitcase, across the room from her. Walking back towards a scolding, annoyed Peyton.

"You can't keep yourself cope up in this room." Standing at the foot of the bed.

"I can do as I please! I don't wanna see my father face. He is the reason behind this big mess." Trying to go around me to the other side of the room. Blocking her way so she would talk to me.

"Peyton, I know you well enough, to know that your father is not the only reason." Making her moving stop in front of me, her eyes only connect to her bare feet once again.
"You're scared, it's okay to be scared. But this whole locking everyone out thing. It is not healthy for you, for anyone. All you are doing is giving him the satisfaction that he has a type of control over you."

"You're right, I am scared but still I am not leaving this room. Whatever satisfaction I am giving him. He is still able to hurt me." She confessed, going back on her bed covering herself with the blanket.

"Peyton we are all here to protect you. I am here to protect me." Sitting at her feet, putting a hand in her leg making her jump in fear.

"You can't protect me." Still not making any sort of eye contact with me.

"Peyton-" I started only to be cut off.

"No, you tried last time and you failed. Sure you stopped him from physically killing me, but you did not stop him completely. He is still here, outside in the same room as my unforgiving father. Mentally he is slowly killing me cause still he has not been arrested, has not been punished. The only one being tortured here is me cause my abuser is still here, about to become my killer." Finally contacting her dark, sad eyes to my bow confused ones.

"Peyton, I tried everything to get him taken into custody. I am not the bad guy here." Trying to watch my mouth.

"Well, the good guy would have stopped him." She snapped back.

"Peyton, I am doing everything in my power, but also you don't know how much it kills the rest of us that you haven't been the same. We all miss you, I miss you. I need you back." Begging for her to reach out and slowly bring back the old Peyton.

"We all miss and want things but sometimes it is not what we need. I have changed, but maybe  this change will help me." Her tone ice cold and dark.


"Niall, do what is best for both of us right now and get the hell out." Pointing to the door in rage. Throwing in the towel, I walked towards the door with my head hung low. 

Though, I would leave with the last word. Not because I need to show I have a set or to put her in her place. I am leaving her today with the last world before maybe it will snap her back. Snap Peyton back into reality and away from her fantasy. Slowly opening the door, turning around to her wrapped up in the blanket.

"I understand you are hurt, we all do, but you are hurting and pushing away the wrong people. The people that want to help, the people who actually care about you. Soon I hope for you to be back to normal, cause I know you don't and wouldn't like the person I see before me." Before closing the door behind. Hoping to leave her thinking about what she is doing and what she has already done.

Though, she doesn't know, she has just broken the heart of the man that loves her.

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