Brooke Elizabeth Higgins

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Niall's POV

I woke up the next morning to see Peyton's beautiful face. It amazing what this girl does to me. She makes me so happy. When she was kidnapped. All I felt was empty.

"Hey... hey Niall." I heard a voice whisper. I look at the door to see Liam standing their. "meeting down stair. Don't wake up Peyton." I nodded as he left without a sound.

I slipped out of bed. Carefully not making any sound. I successfully make it out of bed not waking her up. I grabbed sweats out of my bag, slipping out of her room. I got down the stairs to see the boys and Paul.

"Hey what's up." I said rubbing my seat. Taking a seat next to Zayn.

"Okay, so I have been think about this for awhile. So I was think about taking Peyton on tour with us." he smiled. "is that okay with everyone?"

"Of coarse."


"We love her."


"YA. She is the best."

We all said at once. Who wouldn't want Peyton to come. We would be crazy not to agree.

"Great so I was think of telling her tomorrow. Today we have to go down to the adoption center. So Cholagh and I can adopt Brooke."

"I thought Peyton wanted to adopt her?" I said out of curiosity.

"Well since Peyton will be coming into the public eye. It would not be good for to be seen with a 6 year old. I am afraid they will think see have birth to her. So we are adopting her and Peyton will be here older sister." Heading to the kitchen.

"That makes sense." Harry, said.

"Okay so we all good on the plan. I think she would love to go. She loves traveling." Already in the kitchen.

"Who loves traveling?" Peyton, said yawning coming down the stairs. As we all looked around for an excuse.

"My girlfriend Eleanor. I was telling them how she is traveling to um.. California for a photo shoot." Lou, said quickly.

"Oh I want to meet her." she smiled. As Paul got up for breakfast.

"Ya you could meet all of ours. Expect Harry and Niall the are forever alone." Liam, said.

"Hey I am not forever alone." Niall, said pouting.

"Oh that right. Cause you got Peyton." Harry, said. As all the boys oohed at us. I blush bright red, looking at Peyton to see her the same.

"Shut up." I mumbled.

"I'm going to check on Brooke. We have to start getting ready for the court room."

"Court room?" Lou, said.

"Yeah we have to go to court to make sure we are a good fit for her. Then sign papers." we nodded as we went upstairs.

"BREAKFAST IS ALMOST READY GUYS!" Paul, shouted from the kitchen.

"FOOD!" I screamed running to the kitchen.

"Typical Niall." Zayn, said chuckling at me. I made it as Paul passed me a plate.

*Couple Hours Later*

"Come on guys, we have to head out!" Peyton, yelled from downstairs. We all ran out of the room and downstairs to The Higgins family.

"Ready?" Clodagh, asked. We nodded filing out of the house and into the car.

About 15 minutes later we pulled up to the courthouse. We were all dressed up nice. The boys and I were all in jeans, a dress shirt, with a blazer. Paul was in a suit, Clodagh was in a plain simple black dress. Brooke had a cute little pink and white dress on. She looked adorable by the way. As Peyton was dressed in a long sleeved black dress. It was a little short but didn't make her look slutty. She looked nice and mature. Adding nude high heels.

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