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Peyton's POV

Waking up seeing Niall laying at the end of my bed. He feel asleep on the couch and the boys flopped him their. He was not in my way so he slept like that.

I jumped out of bed and was meet by my hideous reflection. My hair was tangled in my pony tail. I had pajama pants on with my black tank.

I looked at the clock to see it was 5:30. Taking a shower brushing my teeth doing the usual morning routine. I slipped on white nike pros with my green Karma Returns shirt. Pulling my hair in a ponytail with a white headband pulling my fly aways back. Grabbing headphones and unplugging my phone, heading down.

I grabbed a banana with water. I silently ate my breakfast in peace. Hearing nature talking. The birds chirping. The pitter patter of squirrels and chipmunks running. The sun rising, it was a beautiful site.

I threw away the banana peel, grabbed a fresh cold water. Wrapping around my waist pack to my waist. Almost like a fanny pack but for runners. That laid right on my hip. It held my phone water and anything else. Placing my earbuds in my ears, playing my workout list. I walked out, the warm summer breeze hitting my skin. I started running turning left like usual. Heading to the park two miles away.

Running and cheer are my get aways. Cheer I step into the gym and all my problems disappear. At those moments all that matters is my team. No just me or anyone else, everyone. As for running it is an opportunity to clear my mine. Forget about very one else, just me think to myself to think. That seems to be the reason I do this, just to think. Like the incident that took place yesterday.

I knew I always thought Niall was hot but, a lot happen. From the plane, when he touched me I feel something. My smiles grows and I don't want to move away. He is like a magnet.

Although, last night opened my eyes. When I fell on him, I was face to face with him. Only an inch away from him. His blue eyes shimmered in the light, flawless skin. Every inch of his face was flawless. We were on centimeters away from each other. We were going to kiss but, I am glad we didn't.

Not to be rude, I like Niall but, I am meet him a couples days ago. Even though it feels like I have now him forever.

"You should talk to him." a voice called out. I looked around trying to find the source. "Up here honey."

"Are you my subconscious?"

"Of coarse, sweetie. I am here to help. You have to talk to Niall. Do not, I repeat do not ignore him to think things over. He will think you don't like him and will lose hope."

"But how do you know. Have you been in this situation. I don't even know if he likes me. Maybe he was just caught up in the moment?"

"I am only a fragment of your imagination." As I heard nothing else from my subconscious.

I don't want to ignore Niall. I didn't really try to last night. I should have talk to him last night. If he does like me I don't want to send the wrong message.

I am determined to get back to normal with my Ni.

Before I knew it I was already at the park. I decided to sit down and appreciate my surrounding. I was listening to the birds. When I heard my slight cry. I stood up worried as I tried to follow it. It kept getting louder and louder by every step I took. Soon I stood in front of the woods, a couple blocks away from the park. Then I saw a sight that brought me to tears.

I saw a little girl no older then nine sitting next to a tree crying. Her clothes were ruined and she had marks on her.

"Sweet are you okay." I ran to her. I must of scared her because her breathing hitched and she backed up against the tree. I saw pure fear in her eyes. "It is okay, I won't hurt you." I looked at her. She slowly looked up at me. Her eyes were green and dull. She was all skin and bone. Nothing to her. Her clothes were ripped and ragged. My heart ached for her.

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