I Will Never Leave.

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Peyton's POV

I stood alone on the concert stage. No one in the crowd or on stage with me. I stood in the middle with the bright stage lights shinning down on me.

I looked around the stage frantically. Then I saw Niall run towards me from the left side of the stage.

He ran up too me and wrapped his arms around me hugging me. We pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes. My eyes flickering from his bright blue eye to his lips. He started to lean in as I followed his movement. Before our lips could touch I felt our grips being pulled apart. Seeing Niall fall to ground in front of me.

I looked to the man that pulled us apart. It was my Father. He was yelling at us but I couldn't hear him. I was looking at Niall to some how get to him. I tried to walk around me father, to Niall. Then my dad pushed me with force. My body tumbling to the floor. I rolled backwards.

I kept on looking at Niall see him get up to come to me. Then my dad stopped him and grabbing him, dragging him off stage. I got up trying to get him but, only to feel myself being dragged apart from Niall.

We were fighting to get out of their grips. But to no prevail we couldn't release them. I was being dragged as far as possible from Niall. He was gone now, no where in sight. I was throw to ground by the mystery man. I looked up to see the last face I wanted to see.

Kyle, my ex.

I jumped up screaming, shacking, tears streaming down my face. The room was pitch black no light coming from anywhere. I felt around me surroundings trying to find out where I was. I then realized I was in bed and safe. It was only a dream.

Or was it. What if that happens. No it wouldn't, it couldn't. I thought. I lowered my head placing them on my knees, wrapping my arms around my legs.

"It was only a dream." I whispered to myself. Trying to relax my body. Tears still streaming down my face.

"Peyton!" The door swings open seeing Carly and Jamie standing their. Concern written on my face. They saw me and rushed over to me.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Jamie, said sitting next to me wiping my tears. As Carly stood next to my left rubbing my back.

"I h-had an-nother dream about K-yle." Having trouble getting saying his name. The girls already new what happened. They were their for the whole thing.

"Oh my Peyton, It will be okay he isn't coming back." Jamie, said hugging me.

"I thought the dreams were gone?" Carly, said.

"They were this it the first time in months. I don't know why it happened." I said looking at them, running my hands thought my hair.

"GIRLS, OPEN THIS DOOR. LET US IN!" I heard my dad yell from the front door. Carly jumped up and opened the door letting everyone in. They ran thought my door and crowded around my bed.

"Peyton are you okay?" my dad asked moving the hair out of my face. Just like he did when I was little. I looked at him showing the tears streaming down my face. He hugged me tight letting me cry.

He let go and looked at me. Wiping tears just like Jamie did.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I shook my head no. I was not ready to tell my dad my dark days just yet. I need time to relax right now.

He nodded and kissed my forehead. He stood up and said we should go back to sleep. Everyone hugged me goodnight. Last was Niall.

"Night Peyton." he kissed my check and walked towards the door.

"Wait Niall." he turned around looking at me. "Will you stay with me?" I asked with pleading eyes.

"Of coarse I will stay. I will never leave." closing the door, turning of the light and joined me in bed. Cuddling up to me.

"Night Ni." Lying my head on his chest.

"Night Pey." kissing my as I fell back to sleep.


I woke up to next morning alone. Niall no where to be seen. I got up brushed my teeth and went to the living room.

"Morning." Seeing all the cheerleads up.

"Morning anyone know where Niall is?" I asked.

"Your boyfriend." Caleb, said teasing me.

"Shut up." They are laughed at me.

"He's getting everyone breakfast with the security guards and the boys." Jamie, answered.

"Why didn't he wake me up?" I wondered.

"He said cause you had a rough night and you looked so cute." They all awed at the end. Making my cheeks go red. I went into my room and got my phone.

I went in twitter and instantly saw hate and support. I know not to care about hate all but, sometimes their is a lot. More than I thought but one support beats five hate comments.

I went into my DM's and saw messages from fans. I decided to respond to most of them and started send the fan thanks and helpful words.

I clicked on the next person, not bothering to check the name.

'Can't wait to see you Peyton. Still have some unfinished business to deal with." I check the name immediately and saw his name once again. Kyle.

Why is he suddenly popping back up into my life. I started to cry and locked my in the bathroom.

You are probably confused who Kyle is. Here is a summary of our relationship.

We dated about 4 years ago for close to three years. After my dad left he started to abuse me physically and mentally. He was the reason for my dark years. I couldn't leave him. I was to scared. He threatened to kill friends and family if I left him. Only Keegan, Caleb, Matt, Jamie, and Carly know. They saw the bruised and marks he left. I begged them never to tell anyone. Which they didn't. Soon he left ending my dark years. Moving to a different state.

I lowered the top of my shorts stopping below my hips. Seeing the few scare marks littered on my hip. They all healed leaving tiny visible marks. I promised never to do it again. But can slowly feel myself, want to reach for the blade. No, never again.

I backed up against the wall of the bathroom, and sat on the floor. Thinking over everything daring not to. I have to be strong, no more tears. People have harder problem and they aren't crying.

"Peyton you okay? The girls said you been in her for awhile." I heard Niall say on the other side of door.

"Yeah just couldn't find my tooth brush for a while. I just found it." I said making up the most stupidest lie ever.

"Okay, breakfast is here. We will all be in the living room." before exiting the room. I stood up and wiped the few tear marks away. I collect myself together and joined everyone.

"Hey just remember whenever you need someone. I am here. Like I said last night I will never leave." I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. We cuddled together and just relaxed. Tomorrow is when we start the camp. Also when my nightmare starts to come to life.

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