I Missed You

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Paul's POV

I am back after 4 year of not seeing my family and barely having any contact. My loving wife, Clodagh Higgins, and my beautiful daughter Peyton Mabry. She goes by mothers last name so she is not know as just, 'Paul Higgins daughter'. The paparazzi don't know about her. She was never seen with me or seen with her mother. We want her to have a some what normal life.

Peyton does all-star cheerleading for Cheer Athletics in Texas. They are in Orlando today for the biggest cheer competition in the world. That's why the competition is called Worlds. The boys and I decide to fly down today to watch, since they are on break.

The boys decided to stay with me for the next month. Then we go on tour once again.

"PUAL! ARE WE THEIR YET?!" Louis, whined from behind me.

"10 more minutes!" I said. Which I got cheers from them all.

"So... are you excited?" Liam, asked coming over to me.

"Very! I haven't seen them in forever it feels like." Who knows how much Peyton has changed. Last time I saw my daughter she was 14. She learned how to drive without me. We talked one time, then I lost connection with her. Prom? High school Graduation? My baby was grow fast and I had missed all four years of it all. The years never to miss and I did. The days every mother and father will remember.

"I would love to meet them and I am excited for this competition. Although you never told us what type it is." Raising his eye brow.

"You will find out soon." Liam, pouting. The buckle up sign lit up. I buckled up preparing for our landing as did Liam. "LOUIS TOMLINSON SIT DOWN AND BUCKLE UP!" watching a crazy Louis running around, stopping in his tracks when he heard me. He sat down and buckled up. Mumming a sorry, as he did so.

We just landed and got all our bags out of the plane and into the car.

"Okay boy get in the car." I said as they all piled in. Luckily their was not paps or fans. I got into the drivers seat and drove off to our destination. The boys in the back goofing around and sleeping.


We had just drove past Disney and parked in the parking lot. The baseball fields for the competition is right next to the park.

"Why are we at Disney?" Niall, asked curiosity filled his voice.

"YA! We are going to Disney!" Louis, exclaimed.

"No Lou. This is were the competition is being held. Someone wake up Zayn" seeing Zayn out cold in his seat.

"Zayn" Niall, said. "Zayn!" a little louder.

"Let me do this." Louis, said. This can't be good. "ZAYN!" he yelled right in his ear making Zayn shot up screaming. Zayn scowled Lou and slapped him upside the head.

"Okay sun glasses on or hoods and hats on." Putting my hood up. As the rest followed directions.

We got out of the car and made our way towards stadium going thought the gate to the side of the arena. Courtney the coach has them doing a pre-warm up.

Once the boys looked around their jaws dropped. The cheerleaders, boys and girls, where all scattered around in uniforms, hair done and make-up on. The funny part was they haven't even seen the stage yet.

"Wow" is all they said. Looking at the girls walking around in their uniforms. I got a text from the coach telling me where they were.

"Come on guys! They are this way." going where the coach was telling me. We keep on walking till I saw the head coach.

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