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Paul's POV

Okay today is the day. The day we tell Peyton to come on tour with us. Right now my head is spinning. I have no clue how she will react.

This will either go good or bad.

"Paul are you paying a attention to the food." My lovely wife said to me.

"No but, they are not burnt." I smiled as she scold at me. I quickly placed the sausages on another plate. Setting it out for everyone to eat. Today we had sausages, pancakes, strawberries, blueberries, banana and, eggs. It was a big breakfast for all of us. Clodagh and I spent close to two hour preparing it.

"So when are you planing on telling Peyton?" Clodagh, asked washing her hands off.

"I was thinking Dinner. Either we can go out or stay in. Both of them sound good." As she handed me plates and silverware.

"Good but, just be careful. She may not take it so easy." she explained.

"I know but, my man concern is you. Will you be okay by yourself with Brooke."

"Of coarse I will. If I was able to take care of Peyton. I will be fine." we laughed looking back at her crazy times.

"Oh and also, I was think to take her to different gyms. She will be able to meet kids, stunt, tumble. I hope she will loves it."

"She will. She loves traveling. Also she can help the boys. She has her fitness degree in Physical therapy. So she can help the boys stay in shape." I agreed with her seeing that.

"Does she have like a Doctor degree of like a first aid." I asked her leaning against the table tops.

"Yeah, why." A confused look held on her face.

"Well I was think maybe she could be like their nurse. Help with anything they need. Wrap and fix any problems they have."

"I think she would love that." smiling placing the syrup on the table.

"Good, I will just call Simon later to talk about everything." She nodded hugging me. Saying how Peyton would love it. Also, being able to have her first job.

"Call the kids down." she asked. As I she yes going to the edge of the stairs.

"Monsters your food is ready! Eat before I eat it all!" I screamed.

"Paul!" Clodagh, said hitting me with a towel laughing.

Minutes later everyone finally came down. Taking their seats at the table. They were all still half a sleep.

"Why you guys so tired?" I asked taking my seat next to my beautiful wife.

"It so early." Peyton, complained putting her head on the table.

"Peyton it's 10:30." Clodagh, said in a duh voice.

"See so early." she complained again making us all laugh. Waking the boys, Brooke and herself a little more.

"Just eat before you fall back to sleep." I said as we all stated to dig in.

*Before dinner*

I told everyone to dress nice tonight since we will be going to a fancy restaurant in town. I already told the boys when and how I would be telling Peyton.

We will be telling her at dessert. I will be starting off by saying how I wish she could come and how how I would miss her. Then be like but you are coming on tour with us.

"Okay everyone our reservation is at 7. It is 6:40 right now. It takes about 15 minutes to get their. Lets go." I said opening the door as everyone got into the car.

"Where are we going?" Liam, asked.

"You will see when we get there." as they a groaned. They are so impatient sometimes.

We finally pulled up to the restaurant. Seeing the name lit up on the building.

'Little Italy'

"Wow this place is beautiful." Peyton, said once we stepped into the venue. I saw Niall whisper something into her ear. Making her smile ear to ear.

I am not really a fan of how they are connecting. Niall is a great guy but I don't want family and work to mix. It will be to hard to handle all at once.

"Reservation under Higgins." I told the host as the podium.

"Follow me right this way." Directing us to a room in the back since I asked for privacy. I just don't want paparazzi finding us here or anything.

"Hello, I am Bella I will be your server today. Can I start you out with something to drink?" As our waitress came up to us. Still smiling even thought she had to repeat that everyday and second.

*to dessert*

"Okay so Peyton I have something to tell you." she wiped her mouth putting all her attention on me. "Okay so soon the boys Tour will be starting up again. It seams that it will be going on for quite some time." She looked down at the table.

"Oh okay." her voice was shaky.

"But we have an surprise."

"What?" looking back up at me.

"Your coming on your with us." I said smiling at her as her eyes widened and mouth dropped.


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