"Change of Plans"

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Peyton's POV

Niall and I were relaxing watching the news when excess TV turn on. The report on the screen filling everyone in with the celebrity scoop.

"As early this month rumor have been flying about Niall Horan from One Directions and Peyton Higgins, daughter of Paul Higgins. Rumors have been cleared last night by our own Niall Horan." A video appeared on the screen.

Their on the screen I saw my man standing up for himself, for us. He forgot about everything else and focused on us.

"..I love Peyton to much." he ended and got in the car. I stared at the screen, watching it go black. Turning to see Niall holding the remote in his hands.

"Peyton I'm sorry"

"Niall why are you apologizing. That was the bravest thing a guy's has ever done. You stood up for yourself..."

"I stood you for us." As a knock interrupted us.

"Peyton you have some visitors." Amber said walking in. Behind her we're all the boys, my friends and my dad.

"Peyton" they all screamed. Tackling me into a hug. The wind being knocked out of me. My ribs feeling like they would collapse any second on.

"Guys.." I gasped at the pressure.

"Off, she hurt her ribs." Niall said as everyone released. Amber came over checking on me and gave me painkillers.

"Sorry" everyone said guilty.

"You guys didn't know. It's all good." I smiled to them.

"Peyton hold do you feel." my dad said sitting the right of me.

"Good." he smiled, kissing me temple. Pulling away as his faced dropped. Standing up walking to the other side of the room.

"Can you guys give Peyton and I a minute?" As the nodded and walked out. "Niall, stay." as Niall closed the door and say back on the left of me. I grabbed his hand.

He stared at me and nodded. Letting me know this would be when my dad would explode at us. The time he would face us and say how disappointed he was. Not letting him no sooner.

"Both of you do have some explaining to do." My dad said.

"About what?" I look at my dad.

"About you two dating. Going behind my back. Disobeying and betraying me."

"Yes, we are dating but, we never disobeyed you or anything." I fought back.

"Oh, really then-" a knock on the door interrupted argument. Dr. Bar cautiously entered the room. Only to see Niall, my dad and, I. nothing broke or anyone in tears.

"Sorry to interrupted but I have important news for Peyton." he spook pushing his hair back.

"What is it doctor?" My dad calmed himself down. Forgetting his little temper tantrum. Taking a his original seat next to me. Staring at the door, paying no attention to me what so ever.

"Well, yesterday Peyton had asked me to request if there was anyway she could leave early. Trying to leave tomorrow morning."

"Why was I not notified about this. She can't ask to leave without me. I'm her parent." My dads anger arose again like before. Seeing he had no control over me. I am daddies little girl but, I am not little girl.

"Yes, but by law without Peyton permission I cannot give this information out. Peyton is now a legal adult. Sorry, Mr. Higgins I must follow the law and try to do what was best for Peyton." Dr. Bar told me dad. Seeing my dad'a face crossed shock, sadness and, anger.

"You believe allow her to leave the hospital early is best. Allow Peyton to be weak and travel, walk, run, do whatever pleases her. Last I believed nurses were telling me she in fatal condition. So doc what do you believe is best for my daughter, huh." my dad inched forward to Dr. Bar. His chest against his pulled out. His face tight, also look right though Dr. Bar.

Dr. Bar stood there looking at my dad. His mouth in a thin line, though his eyes showed a different story. They both hold a hint of fear with a bit of anger.

"No, but, my job is do the best I can do for the patient. Following what he or she pleases me to do. I must follow my orders and do my job. I promised Peyton nothing but, she asked me, seeing she is a adult. We didn't need your input." Dr. Bar calmly spook to my dad. Seeing his jaw tighten ever so lightly.

My dad look at everyone in the room. Face harden and frustrated. He walked back over to his chair and sat back down in it. Not facing any of us as he stared at the ground.

"Peyton, Peyton" Dr. Bar said trying to get my attention.

"Huh, sorry. Please continue." I spoke back to him. Trying to process everything with my Dad.

"So like we were says you are able to go but, you must go a series of things. So we are able to clear you. When would you like to begin?" He asked.

"Um," thing everything though. Trying to process it all. "I think I would have to tell you to forget what I asked you to do. I think I'm going to say in the hospital for however long you feel."

"Peyton I thought you wanted to go." Niall asked confused.

"I realized my health is more important than a plane. I can always catch up with you guys." I said kissing his cheek. Turning my head to look at my dad as he was confused at my change of plan.
"How long do you predict me to stay in the hospital?"

"Um, we predict Wednesday or soon due to how fast you can recover." I said thank you as Dr. Bar left the room.

My dad soon exiting with him. Leaving Niall and I. That day everyone one visited and we FaceTimed my mom and Brooke.

Tomorrow everyone is leaving and I will stay here. Probably answers the cops some more of their questions.

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