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Total Drama All Stars *Edited* by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama All Stars *Edited*by Astoria
We are back with an all new season of Total Drama, introducing Total Drama All Stars! We include new things, along with a gorgeous spa hotel that the winners sleep in. T...
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Paul Higgins Daughter by LIVExLOVE
Paul Higgins Daughterby LIVExLOVE
Paul Higgins daughter Peyton Mabry Higgins. She has not seen or heard from her dad for about 2 years now because of One Direction. She wishes to be able spend the same a...
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My Total Drama Rantings by fellaway
My Total Drama Rantingsby fellaway
Just a collection of how I feel on topics of Total Drama. *WARNING* These are my full on feelings, emotions, and thoughts towards anything Total Drama. If you're offend...
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If only I can be by your side by HuangShaotian0005
If only I can be by your sideby HuangShaotian0005
Ye Xiu got discovered by his family when he saved Su Muqiu from the accident. Thus, his family dragged him home and make him take up his place as the heir of the Ye fami...
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Let's Talk Total Drama by fellaway
Let's Talk Total Dramaby fellaway
A story where each chapter has a topic to discuss in the comments.
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nba burn book {complete} by beckhamjrs
nba burn book {complete}by tu madre
just a book where i make fun of nba players (THESE ARE ALL JOKES. DON'T GET BUTTHURT BC THEY AREN'T SERIOUS)
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i like u ~ trixya by stoopidmattel
i like u ~ trixyaby tracy martel's daughter
|| 12.06.2019 || Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova have been close friends since working at the set of RuPaul's Drag Race and since then have worked together in ho...
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Total Drama All-Stars 52 by TheTwoTs
Total Drama All-Stars 52by Todd and Thomas
In this season of Total Drama, all 52 contestants that have competed are back for a prize of $5,000,000! Welcome to Total Drama All-Stars 52--Battle of the Sexes. We do...
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映画 妖怪ウォッチ! & 妖怪学園Y ディズニ一カ一ズオールスターズ☆世界グランプリの友達 by Fraedelosreyes
映画 妖怪ウォッチ! & 妖怪学園Y ディズニ一カ一ズオールスターズ Fraedelosreyes
そのは、花咲 ヨッシー王妃(大島慶子)、ミゲル・リヴェラ王女(アンソニー・ゴンザレス)とすへでのカーズオールスターズは新しいのキラキラ星の国・キラキラミラクルシティ、 ふたりのは開始前の夢だ...
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legacy oneshots by etherealth
legacy oneshotsby ★ a n n a ★
oneshots that take place after the all stars and legacy duology. posted upon request/just cause they were written.
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Danganronpa All Stars by penguinlover611
Danganronpa All Starsby DanganronpaandPokefan
Monokuma has plans for a new killing game. But not just any killing game, an all star killing game with 12 participants from 3 of the previous killing games. With some n...
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Four Seasons PrettyCure!  by YukiHibara
Four Seasons PrettyCure! by yukihime
Set in a world of corruption and despair, where the legendary prettycures warriors have been tortured and brainwashed. A band of newly selected heroes has been called to...
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Total Drama Gaming by smashcentury
Total Drama Gamingby smashcentury
The seventh season of Total Drama where the contestants must compete in video game related challenges.
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The End of Total Drama Minecraft: All Stars by Radishologist
The End of Total Drama Todd
Fifth and final season of the "Total Drama Minecraft" series. Read all four previous seasons before reading this one. Twenty-four of the toughest, smartest, an...
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The Great Escape- Escape the Night All Stars by JL_Writes180
The Great Escape- Escape the J.L.
This is the all-star season you've all been waiting for. 16 of your favorite and least favorite guests all compete to fight for the lives...and possibly their own existe...
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RuPaul's Drag Race : Season X by ArrowAuro
RuPaul's Drag Race : Season Xby ArrowAuro
With new seasons come new Rusponsibilities, and it's neck to neck as the 11 new recruits battle week after week to stay in the competition. Going head-to-head against t...
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Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 4:Rescue the Fallen Cures!The Rise Of Dark Stars by bran2158
Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage Brandon Miller
Plot The Cures are having an normal day hanging out with each other. When suddenly a little girl named Tenshi falls from the sky interrupting the Cures. Tenshi reveals s...
CureHip-Hop's Pretty Cure Fanseries (OC's) by CureHip-Hop
CureHip-Hop's Pretty Cure CureHip-Hop
All of my precure fanseries
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