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So here is the surprise... I will be updating this whole week till Tuesday. It will be a lot but, my lucky reads deserve it. This is for you guys. Won't be where I am with out you guys reading.


Amanda <3

Peyton's" POV

Today I am finally being released. I know it has only been like three days in the hospital but, a week and see how I feel. I miss the comfort of my bed and being with everyone.

I miss the craziness from everyone. Yesterday cheetahs came in and stayed for almost the whole day. I love them so much.

"Peyton are you listening to me." my nurse said smiling.

"Sorry what did you say." smiling innocently at her.

"Make sure you take these everyday for two weeks. Instructions are on the bottle." smiling giving me the prescriptions.

"Thank you. So much for taken care of me."

"It was a pleasure. I hope to see you around but not in a hospital bed." I giggled as she left.

"Peyton!" everyone screamed coming in.

"Hey guys." smiling and waving to them.

"Are you ready to leave." Lou, said like a hyper child.

"Yes and what did you eat?" I questioned him as everyone laughed.

"Hey here is your bag to change we will be right out side." Niall, said handing me a black bag.

"Do you need any help, sweetie?" my mom asked.

"I will be good but, thank you." she smiled, kissed my forehead and walked out.

I got up from the bed and went to the bath room. Locking the door begin me. I pulled out my clothes to see sweats and a tank. As for shoe I had black flip flops.

They know me so well. Every time I leave the hospital I usual wear sweats and a tank.

I put on my undergarment. Having quite a problem putting on my bra with the sling. If I could I would rip it off and not wear it. Stupid.

After a couple minutes of cursing and difficulty I finally got it on. I pulled the black tank over my head. Stepping into the sweats and pulling them up. They hung loss on my hips. Skin showing due to my top won't go any farther.

I slipped on my shoes, put the hospital gown in a bin. Picking up the bag and exiting the bathroom. I looked in the mirror to see my hair was a mess. I would be to difficult to put my hair up with one hand. So I called my mom in.

"Can you do my hair." I asked looking down. She smiled and at me and said 'of coarse'. She got me a seat to sitting a see put my hair in a bun.

"This bring back so many memories." she said.

"I remember always asking you to do my hair when I was younger. I was always to lazy or didn't know how. Then I would complain saying you are pulling to hard." We laughed remember those day.

"I remember you would be upset if their was a bump or if hair was loss. You always were a perfectionist. Now look at you. You barely need me anymore." just finishing my hair. I turned around to see tears in her eyes.

"My baby girl grew up too fast." she cried as I hugged her and placed her in the seat. I crouched down in front of her and held her hands in mine.

"Mom I will always need you. I will need you when I am hurt and can't do much like now. I will need you when I need someone to talk to. When a relationships goes wrong or if I need advice. I will need you when I am getting married, when my kids wants to see their grandma. I will need you more than you know." I was now crying to. "I will always need you and I will always be your baby girl. No matter how old I am." we both stood up and cried into each other shoulder. Luckily not my bad one.

Then I heard clapping. We both looked to the door to see everyone. Most of their were in tears or tearing up.

"When did you get here." I asked them.

"When your mom said you grew up to fast." Dad, said coming up and hugging us both.

"GROUP HUG!" Lou, yelled as they all came in and squeezed me.

"Ow little lighter. Still sore." I said, quickly releasing me. "Now let's go I am tired of hospital smell and food." I said as we all headed out to the car and started our journey home.

"Peyton, when will you be able to take that off?" Brooke, asked.

"Well I can take it off during shower but, I totally remove it in about... a month or less." smiling a Brooke.

"Then will you be all better?"

"Well I have to see about my nose." I hated wearing a banged on my nose. They have to find out if I have to re-break it or not (or nah). Then we finally pulled up to the house.

I was the first one out and ran in. It all looked the same. It didn't looked like a battle field in our living room.

"I'M HOME BISHES!" I screamed as everyone was cracking up. "Hey I haven't been home in like two weeks."

"Welcome back home, honey." dad said kissing my head.

"I am going to take a nap. I am still tired." yawning towards the stairs.

"Did you take your meds?" mom, asked.

"My nurse gave it to me this morning. I don't have to take any till later." Slipping off my shoes by the door. She nodded asking for them to know when to give it to me. I handed her the bag going up to my room. It was still the same.

I pulled the covers back, getting in bed. I started at the ceiling for awhile just thinking.

'It good to be back home' I thought as I drifted to sleep.


"Peyton. Peyton." someone was shaking me.

"What?" I whined.

"Come on it's time to eat lunch and I have a surprise for you." I recolonized the voice, opening my eyes to see Niall.

"Do I have too?" complaining like a six year old.

"Yes you will mess up you sleeping if you sleep any longer. Also, don't you want to see you surprise." he grinned.

"Fine but carry me, please." I held up my good arm. He placed his arms under my legs and back carrying me don't stairs and to the couch. "So what is the surprise?!" I asked Niall.

"Oh now your excited?" he teased.

"I am not the best when woken." I said seriously as we laughed our buts off.

"Okay here is you surprise." Handing me a bag I don't remember him having.

I opened it up to see a black iPhone 5s. I was speechless.

"No you didn't Niall. Oh my you are the best." hugging him.

"I know." flipping back his imaginary long blonde locks. "Everything on your old phone is their. Your dad helped me with that part."

"You really are the best." I smiled kissing his cheek. Seeing him blush like crazy. "so what's for lunch?" I asked placing my phone down.

"I order some pizza it will here.." looking at his watch as the was a knock at the door. "Now. Will you get it as I get my wallet?" I nodded heading for the door.

"One plain cheese pizza?" The delivery man asked. I nodded guess that's what he got. "I am Dave. What's your name, babe." Looking me up and down.

"You don't need to know." smiling taking the pizza.

"Oh, feisty. I like it. You sharing that pie of pizza?" leaning against the my door frame

"She is." Niall, said coming behind me. He scoffed as Niall took out the money. While Niall was busy with that. The guy put a piece of paper in the crease of the box.

"Here's a twenty, keep the change." As Niall slammed the door. Looking angry as ever.

"Oh look what he left." pulling out the paper. Seeing it had his number. "douche bag." I said ripping it up and throwing it away. Niall looked relieved and got two plates and waters from kitchen.

We ended up watch movies and pigging out on the couch. We shared laughs and cuddled during. I am have a great time.

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