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Peyton's POV

"WHAT?!" I screamed probably catching the attention of people in the other room. Thank The Lord they can't see me. It would just be awkward.

"Yeah aren't you excited?" My dad asked. He acts like he doesn't seem me freaking out.

"Not that much. I have so much going on. I have graduation in like 3 weeks. I have to take care of Brooke. I am going to be doing a summer tour with Jamie, Matt, Carly , Caleb, Keegan, TJ, and Jack. How will I be able to do a tour with you guys and all the cheerleaders. It is not possible!" Frustration boiled in my veins.

"First, the tour does not start until a month. So you will be at graduation. Second, mom will be takin care of Brooke. I know you love her and all but, you are a young adult. You don't have to take all the responsibility of Brooke. Also, I already talked to the manager of the tour. You will be able to still do it. They will be starting both at the same times. We will be stopping at the same places for three days. That is the length of your camps. I have it all figured at. Just relax." I dad tried to clam you don't. He did really pla bit out.

"Well what are we doing about England and your busses?"

"We leave at the same time for England. Don't worry about traveling. As for the buses there will be two tour buses. One for you and the cheerleader and one for us." I was taking everything to far. I am just making everything complicated.

"Okay, I am sorry for my little burst." I apologized to the everyone.

"It's fine sweetie." mom, said her smiling lightening the tension. "Hey let's head home and relax." she suggested.

We payed the bill and left the restaurant. We jumped into the car, silence around us. Then the radio turn on with. The that was playing was 'She Looks So Perfect' by 5sos.

I smiled and started to sing to their song.

"Simmer down, simmer down

They say were to young now to amount to anything else,

But look around,

We were to damn hard for just to give it up" I sang soon Niall joined in.

"If you don't swim you'll drown,

But down move, Honey." He sang as all the boys smiled know what we were about to do.

"She looks so perfect standing there,

In my American Apparel underwear,

And I know now, that I'm so down.

Your lipstick stain is a work of art,

I got your name tattooed in a arrow heart,

And I know now that I'm so down.

HEY!" we sang like that the whole car ride down home. Every song that played we belted out the lyrics like no tomorrow. Even mom, dad, and Brooke sang along. Brooke really didn't know so she just went with it.

We pulled up to the house and went our separate ways to our rooms.

"Come on missy lets get you ready for bed." Picking up Brooke above my head. Her contagious laugh filled my ears. I placed her on the bed and start to pick out a outfit.

I was rummaging thought her drawer. Just trying to find something.

"I am loving the view." An Irish accent said behind me. I turned around the see Niall on the bed next to Brooke staring at my but. Well not Brooke. I cheek instantly flamed up.

"Here you go Brooke put this on." giving her what ever was in my hand. She grabbed the clothing and went into the bathroom.

"Now pick what you wear for bed." Niall said to me, still in the same position on the bed.

"Now that will not happen cause you will just be staring at my but. Am I right." I smiled at him. Leaning against my dresser, arm folded.

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Standing up from the bed. "How about we switch places? I pick your outfit, while you sit on the bed?" Suggested, leaning against the dresser. Arms trapping me in.

"Agree." I bent under his arm and took his place on the bed. Just then Brooke came out of the bathroom.

"Can I go downstairs or to one of the boys rooms?" She asked smiling as big as possible. I nodded and she was out the room.

Then Niall started opening drawers, looking thought them. He was bent over like me, so I decide to play.

"Oh, great view blonde. I may need to take a picture." I said as Niall looked over his shoulder looking at me.

"Don't give me that look. Can't blame a gal for trying." using what he had said.

"How about this?" Niall held up my lace bra and underwear.

"NIALL!" I screamed practically ripping the material out of his hands.

"What?" he laugh as I stuffed them back a drawer covering it by my body. My cheeks were definitely red as a fire truck from embarrassment.

"I can't wear that. I will wear anything else but, lingerie. What if Brooke walked in."

"Okay okay but, promise to wear what ever I give you?"

"Yes but, nothing to look like a stripper." he nodded going thought the drawers again. I once again sat on the bed and pulled out my phone.

After a couple minutes of Instagram. Niall finally found an outfit. It was blue and green flannel booty shorts, a light blue sports bra, also with a buzz lighter sweater. On the sweat it read 'to infinite and beyond'.

"Here you are my lady." bowing, handing me the clothes. I giggled playing along.

"Thank you peasant." I took the clothes from and started walking to the bathroom.

"First, I am no peasant. Second, you could have changed out here." I could see his cheek smile thought the door.

"Pervert" I mumbled putting the clothes on. It was actually cute.

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