I Hope.

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Niall's POV

Peyton left awhile ago for her meet and greet. We all hung around the suite doing nothing. Unless eating and watching tv is one. Currently we are all in the living room lounging around on the couches and floor.

"I am bored!" Louis, pouted like a two year old child, but it was true. We were bored out of our minds.

"What do you want to do?" Harry, asked a whinny Louis.

"Let's go see Peyton, she has been out for about two hours and she is not back. Let's go see her and go get some food." I chipped in.

"Such a Niall answer." Zayn, said shacking his head, but everyone agreed. We got up putting hoodies and sunglasses on. We head out, down the elevator and, to the conference room. There stood a line not too long but still longer than we expect for them.

Soon they finally finished and started packing up. Peyton got up and gathered her items together putting them in her purse.

"Peyton!" The boys and I called out. She turned around looking for our voices. She spotted us and walked over.

"Hey guys. What you down here for?" Slipping out a jacket from her bag. To hide her toned stomach in the revealing uniform.

"Well, we were wondering if you would like to joins us in dinner?" Harry, said as all our face put on a smile. Almost pleading for her to come.

"I would love too. Just-" She was cut off by a boy coming up behind her.

"Hey Pey want to go out tonight." hugging her from behind. Anyone could obviously see the discomfort Peyton was in. She grab his arm pushing them off her.

"First, no I am already go with people. And second, you are a total perv." Looking him in the eyes. "You guys ready to head out?" her focus on us now.

"Yep let's go!" Louis, said excited. We headed out towards the car jumping in and heading on the road.

"Who was the dude?" I asked.

"Oh Trevor, don't worry about him. He is my friends brother, Carly. He is total perv and tries to sleep with every girl he sees. I know his plan and I will not fall for it. He does that all the time. Just ignore him." She said, look of disgust across her face.

"Are you sure?" Checking so if she needs any help she nows I am here.

"Positive" nodding her head. then we just pulled up to KFC. "Yes, I love chicken!" Peyton said scream. We got out opening the door for Peyton. Her cheeks turn a light pink shade. As she mumbled a 'thank you'.

We quickly order a bucket with biscuits, mash potatoes. A girl stand across the store was watching us. We didn't want to risk being caught. We jumped into the car and drove off.

Once we got into our suit we spread out all our food on the table and started to eat.

"Girl how do you eat so much and still have a 6-pack?" Louis, exclaimed. looking at Peyton as she ate.

"Well I do a morning exercise pretty much every morning. At 12 I do another conditioning section. Then I do the required exercise worksheet every night. So I could eat a lot and burn if off when I exercise. Oh and I also have a fast metabolism"

"How long does each exercise last?" Zayn, asked.

"Morning lasts about an 30. Mid-day is about hour. Them a night is about two hours." Wow you can really tell she is dedicated to cheer. Her life revolves around cheer. "Well talking about that. I am going to start my exercise." standing up going to her room.

"She is very committed." Louis, said once Peyton shut the door. "Having to exercise that much. Wow!"

"Yeah I know it is crazy. I am pretty sure I would died." Harry said.

"Well she is fit so it is probably easy for her to go for long amount of time." Liam, said.

Just after that Peyton walked out with her gym gear on. She had on black Nike Pro's, a blue Nike Pro sports bra with with and black Nike shoes on. She must love Nike.

"Anyone want to tag along?" She asked heading over to us.

"Sure I will come; haven't work out in awhile." Liam, stood up. He also loved working out.

"Same here." I said. I don't know why but I feel like coming and hanging out with Peyton.

"I will watch you guys. I am to lazy to move." Harry, said as Zayn, Louis agreed.

"Sounds good. Liam and Niall, go get ready as I get us water bottles." Walking into the kitchen.


I got got changed in some basketball shorts and a black tank with plain running. Liam pretty much wearing the same exact attire.

"Okay, let head out." I get out of the room and down the elevator to the gym. We entered and heard people scream 'PEYTON'. Their stood two boys and two girls.

"Hey guys." Peyton, said hugging them all. "Oh sorry let me introduce. Carly, Jamie, Matt, Gatlin. I would like you to meet Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn Niall. Then the other way around."

"Hey well you ready to work out?" Jamie, asked. We nodded and got to work.

Liam and I, decide to start on treadmill as Peyton and her friend did the compete some else and the rest of the boys just sat down and chatted.

"So Niall how do you feel about Peyton?" Liam, asked out of no where.

"What?" trying to play it off.

"Don't play stupid with me. I can tell by the way you look a Peyton you like her a lot. Then when you where becoming a little protective over her when Trevor came over. Niall I know you like her." Liam, said.

"Okay I do but I shouldn't I have only known her for a day. I truly don't know her true colors."

"Aw my little Niall is growing up" Liam, said in a playful voice and ruffed my hair across the treadmill.

I slapped his hand away from me. "stop it" we laughed together.

"Yeah but it's good you are going to get to know her. I know you are looking for your princess. She may be the one."

I looked over a Peyton doing her ab workouts. having a good time and laughing with her friends. "I hope she is." I smiled. I hope.


We decide to head up around 8:30. Having a two hour workout were I really caught up with Liam and chatted with Peyton here and there,

Currently it is 9 and we are lunging on the couch watching T.V. I looked to my left it see Peyton curled up in a ball sleeping. She looked so beautiful laying their.

Picking myself off the couch, putting my left arm under her back and my right under her knees. Picking her up and started walking to her room. She was so light like a feather. Her head was placed in my chest as we made it her room. I placed Peyton on her bed and put her under the covers.

Her hair scattered around her head with still a little sweat on her cheeks. I felt this urge and kissed her cheek. Sending me a warm feeling inside, I left the room and headed to mine.

I take off my clothes leaving me in only my boxers and jump into bed. Laid their for awhile only think of Peyton.

Wow I am head or heels for this girl.

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