Don't Break Her.

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Niall's POV

Goodbye Orlando, for now. We are heading to Plano, Texas where the Higgins live. We will be sitting first class today with all the Higgins' not just Paul.

We are going to be having a later flight then all the cheerleaders because we told Peyton and Mrs. Higgins about the first class. Also saying the later one only had to amount we need.

Even though we are lying.

Mr. and Mrs. Higgins have a surprise party for Peyton when we get home. It will all be family and us.

"Plane 425 to Plano, Texas is now boarding." We gather all our bags and headed onto the plane.

"Hey Peyton, what number seat are you in?" I asked.

"Um, number 6. How about you?" Yes!

"I am number 7 we are right next to each other." The more I talk to Peyton the better chance I have to get to her.

"Well then come on!" smiling as we found our seats and relaxed.

"Did you have fun this weekend?" Peyton, shot at me.

"Yes, it was amazing. From the competition to Disney. I love it. I have never seen anything like what you do. You are an amazing athlete." she smiled at me comment.

"Okay, one question. Do you think cheerleading is a sport?" her face became serious, her eyes staring me down.

"Yes of course! What I saw this week was like a mix of all sports together. I would love to see it all over again."

"Well you will be able to." Giving her a confusing look. "Well I have a cd of everything. All the categories and teams. Plus, in the March there will be a rerun of the some of the competition on ESPN. They told our team we will be on this year." Peyton told me.

"On ESPN, I didn't know they broadcasted Worlds. If I did I would have watched it all the time. Also, can we watch the whole thing again. I would love to see all the teams and see you preform again." I shot her a smile as I saw her cheeks flam up.

"Of coarse I just have to pop it in." placing the CD in the tiny TV on the plane. It started playing as snuggled up into my left arm. I placed my arm around her as her head was placed on my should. Just like last night during fireworks. I got a shivers down my spine, a very very good kind of shivers.


We ended up watching the competition the whole plane ride. We didn't fall asleep or move a muscle. It was prefect.

We got all our luggages, got in the van with all the boys. Peyton and her mom and had to pick up their car so Paul went with them. So right now it is just the boys and I in the van.

"So Ni how was the plane ride?" Liam, raising him eyebrows at me as all of them laughed.

"Oh shut it. Nothing happened."

"Oh I saw the little cuddle season that happened the whole ride." Louis, said from the driver seat.

"Oh Niall getting it on." Harry, patted me on the back.

"Oi, have some respect." I said as they all agreed and went back to other topics.


We have just arrived at the Higgins' residency and it is beautiful and huge. We parked our car besides their in the drive way and unload our cars.

"Peyton can you direct the boys to their rooms?" Mrs. Higgins, asked.

"Of coarse follow me." She lead us up the stairs and down the left off the hall. " Okay this is my room at the end. Their are 2 guest room both queen sets. So their will have to be one person downstairs or sleeping in my room. So choose as I go in to my room." Leaving us to choose.

"Niall you are the closes to her so how about you go." Zayn, said.

"No because what if she gets to comfortable with me and only sees me as a friend."

"Oh I don't think that will happen. The more you get to know her the better." Harry's , stated.

"Okay, but if she sees me only as a friend to her now she will never like me. Like know." whispering the last part to me self.

"Boys wait come here." Paul, asked.

"What's up Paul?"

"My parents are not about to make it tonight so we are delaying the party just so you all know. Okay?" we all nodded as he walked away.

I knock on Peyton's door. I heard I come in as I opened the door. Her room was elegant with a touch of color and Peyton. Her walls were cream, a white comforter laid on her bed with a blue under sheet. She pillows was colorful some blue, white, black and, with a special one that said Peyton on it in cheetah. Pictures hung around me. Friends, Family surround me. She cared about everyone in her life.

"Hey Ni, can you help me hang up this banner?" snapping me out looking around. She stood on her bed with the long banner in hand. I slipped off my shoes and jumped on the bed next to her. "Okay, here is a clear hook. First put on the hook and we will try to level it so it is straight.

"Sounds good." I followed Peyton's directions as we hung it.

"Ya thank you!" peyton tackled me into a hug as we fell back on to the bed. Her body laid a upon mine. We laughed, as it soon died down. We just laid their looking into each other's eyes. Bring my hand up and moving behind her ear. Her skins was silky smooth. My eyes flickered from her eyes to her pink plum lips.

At the exact same time we slowly started to lean in. Her lips on mine is all I wanted. Only centimeters alway.

"Dinner is ready." Liam, said barring into the room. Peyton quickly got off me as we both got up.

"Great. Um I am going to go wash my hands." she walked pass Liam and to the bathroom.

"Um.. I'm going to head downstairs." about to walk pass Liam before he grabbed my arm.

"Ni, just don't break her. Get to know her before jumping into thing."

"I will Li. I really like her." he nodded as we went downstairs joining the others. As Peyton came back down minutes after us.

We all sat down and ate dinner together. All having fun and sharing stories.


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