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Niall's POV

Liam just called the guys and girls to come out. We all Decide to spend our time at the beach. Relaxing in the hot sand. Peyton and I swimming a LA's beautiful ocean. Finally, they all come out of the room but, no Peyton.

"Wait, where's Peyton?." I asked. As Jamie and Carly looked at each other with a worried look.

"Umm.. she ate something really bad and is sick. She said she wants to be alone and told us to go without her." Caleb said with not so much confidence.

"I'm gonna go say bye to her then." walking towards the door.

"No." Jack said stopping me "she
doesn't want you to see her when she like this. Could you understand that and give her space." he said almost pleading.

"Fine." I said giving up "come on let's got to the beach." walking to the elevator.

They're hiding something from me. Peyton hates being alone and would not care if I saw her sick. Something really bad has happen to Peyton.

Where at the beach and I have a plan to go see Peyton. It has been a hour and I'm going to ask Paul if I could leave.
"Hey, Paul is it okay if I go back to the hotel." I ask


"Cause.. I don't feel my best. I don't want to bring the others down if I feel sick." I said weary.

"Okay just tell the driver to drive back to pick us up." Paul said walking back to the water.

I quickly got my shirt on, took my when and went. If one of them sees me leave it would be bad. I got to the van and told Jerry to drive me to the hotel.


"Thank you for driving me." I told Jerry.

"No problem at all." he smiled

"Oh I almost forgot. Can you back to the beach and pick up the rest." he nodded and I closed the door and rushed into the back entrance of the hotel.

I took the elevator up and to the girls hotel room. I thought about what was doing and then swiped my card, unlocking the door. I opened the door and went right to Peyton's door. I held the door knob in my hand debating if I should enter.

If she doesn't want to see my at her low point I should respect that. Give her space and let her relax.

But what if it is very serious and she needs someone. To know that I will always be their. What if she seriously hurts herself. I have to be their to stop her.

I let go off the knob and sunk to the floor. Why is this so stressful. I need to respect Peyton and not see her. Give her space. She is smart and won't hurt herself.

I got up from my spot and left the hotel room. Heading to my room to relax and think everything over. I took my key out of my wallet. About to swipe it when I heard a scream.

It was no scream I usually hear. It was a scream of pain and agony. I heard it again and followed it. I came up to the janitors closet. I turned the knob but it would not bulge.

"Open the door!" I yelled banging on it. Kicking at it and yelling though the wood. But stopped when I heard her voice.

"Niall" It was not that loud but I could hear her voice. My princess Peyton is trapped on the other side.

"Peyton? Princess?" I froze and just wanted to cry. "I'm coming princess. Don't worry." I said though the door.
I kicked at the door trying to open it up but, I couldn't. It trapped something against it. It could hear the wood start to crack from the impact but he has something block me.

I whipped out my phone and called Paul.

P~ Hey Niall ho-

N~ Paul come to the hotel now. Someone has Peyton trapped in the janitors closet and I can't brake the door down. Something is blocking me from entering.

P~ I'm coming as fast I can stay their. I will call the police.

N~ Hurry

Paul hung up as I keep kicking and pushing at the wall. I felt felt something move. Indicating I could brake it down in any second. I could still hear Peyton sobbing and moans of pain.

"I'm coming Princess!" I yelled. I tried one more time kicking right above the knob and the door opened. I ran
though and saw Peyton on the floor.
The monster stood in front of me. Face covered by a mask. He starred at my and tried to get past me. I punched him in the nose and kicked him in the side. He pushed me back into the wall and ran for it.

I grabbed by his forearm and dug my nails. He screamed in pain holding and pulled his grip from my hand and ran down the stairs.

I ran to Peyton and held her tightly. I let someone her my princess. I let them get to her and I didn't protect her. I failed and my girl is hurt now.

"I here now princess. Just stay awake." Peyton nodded as Paul and the rest rushed into the room.

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