Not Human!

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Niall's POV

We were on the field only 20 feet away from the stage. Courtney said we could sit down here for performances. It was very different from always being on stage instead of being the one standing in the the crowd.

Shouldn't we be the ones performing I thought.

The lights were bright all focused on the blue matted stage. They had a huge screen with the world and 2014 was in the middle. Speakers blaring the teams music at max. Also it was hot since it was outside, but still cool.

"Lady's and gentlemen in the Large Senior Coed Level 5. From Plano, Texas. Please help me welcome, Cheer Athletics Cheetahs!" The announcer, yelled out. The crowd erupted in cheers as they went out. All eyes were on them as they stood in the middle of the field.

"Peyton is on this team!" Paul, told us. Excitement filled his face. He could not wait to see Peyton preformed.

"Which one is she?" Zayn, asked. All of us searching the mat even though we do not know what she looks like.

"On the right side of the stage second plane closes to middle." Mrs. Higgins, pointed her out. She was kneeling on the ground and head down. Then the music started and I really didn't get a good look at her.

She was thrown into the air and landed on the guys hands. She hit her position then switched legs. The guy popped her off and she came down.

All 5 of us were speak less. She was tumbling, being thrown up in the air. It was like a Circus De Soleil. They were dancing and oh my she could. She was front center and was doing so good.

They finished and were so happy. They all started to hug each other. Some were crying tears of joy. They were exited off stage and backstage again.

"Come on let's go see Peyton." Mrs. Higgins, said as we stood up. Mrs. Higgins and Paul were in front of us as we were behind them. Still in awe of the performances. We were talking the rest of the time not watching the other team. It was amazing what they could do.

"That was incredible!" Lou, said.

"I never seen anything like that before!" Zayn, said.

"Peyton! You did so good!" Made us all snap our head toward Paul. Seeing him, his wife and, Peyton all hugging.

They pulled apart and turned towards us. Paul and Peyton started walking toward us.

"Boy I would like you to meet Peyton. Peyton, One Direction." she was as down at her feet, then looked up to us.

When I saw her she was beautiful. Her hair was blonde pulled back in a high ponytail with a poof in front and a bow. She was very fit. She had a 6-pack!

But the one thing that captured me the most was her eyes. They were light violet, blue and black. I have never seen anyone with eyes like hers. Her eyes looked like the galaxy. I could not stop staring into them.

"Hello" her voice was so angelic and soft..

"Hello" we said back.

"PEYTON MABRY!" a girl yelled behind her farther away. Turning around holding up a finger to tell her to wait one second.

"Sorry. Talk to you in a bit." turning back around smiling. "Dad can you take pictures. Knowing Jamie it involves taking pictures." Rolling her eyes.

"PEYTON!" the girl yelled again.

"I AM COMING JAMIE!" she yelled. Running towards a girl with blond hair and a 6-pack. Almost identical to Peyton.

"Come on we have to take pictures." Paul, said as we followed him towards they way that Peyton went.

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