Chapter 32: Hurt

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'I freak out every time we get closer cause I'm scared that it's just gonna hurt'

"Criminal Justice Lawyer, Emmet Boseman has been assigned by order of the American judicial system to be the leading lawyer in the United States v Vendetta case. Boseman will be representing not just the USA, but also all other countries of the world that have criminal charges pinned on world-class criminal, Terrence Vendetta. This is the first update of information in the Vendetta case since his initial break out of Tollsada Bay Penitentiary three weeks ago and the kidnapping of renowned, criminal psychotherapist, Lilianna Price."

Lilianna stared at the screen in disbelief.

She had stepped away from the kitchen to check the news while the cookies baked, leaving Hannah to snack on vegetable sticks since she knew Terrence was busy with some of the other boys in his office. She had turned the television on just in time to witness the update, the one that flashed a picture of her across the screen and was followed by a press conference video of Emmet Boseman himself.

"As declared by the American Court, I will be the persecution lawyer representing our great country against Terrence Vendetta when he is arrested and brought into federal custody. I will also be standing as a lawyer for the other countries in which have been impacted by the plethora of heinous crimes Mr. Vendetta has committed during his time as the world's most devastating criminal." Boseman addressed the press in a professional tone, the shy man Lilianna had met was nowhere in sight. Her heart ached at the sight of him, the stoic glint in his eyes evident to her through the camera lenses.


She spun around, her eyes locking with Mikale's. He glanced from her to the tv and back to her.

"Turn it off."

"No." She shook her head quickly, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Do it before he comes down here and sees you googling over him. If Terrence pieces it together, which you and I both know he will do in a matter of seconds, he will send Mat and me to kill him within the next twenty-four hours. I don't want to kill him and I really don't want to hurt you so please, turn it off, wipe your eyes, and go make those cookies with Hannah like you witnessed not a single thing from that report. Understood?"

"Mikale he must feel so guilty-" She chocked.

"Turn it off and get it out of your head, Lilianna. I don't want to kill him, he's a good kid and I don't want to come back to you being a sobbing, grieving mess either. Please, just let him go." He begged, walking up to her and holding her by the shoulders. Lilianna turned back, and tapped the button on the side of the screen, the room going silent. Mikale instantly pulled her into a bone-crushing hug and rubbed circles into her back as she gripped onto his shirt for support.

"I'm sorry, Anna. I'm so sorry for hurting you." He whispered into her hair. "But remember that Otis and I are always gonna be here for you. I will protect you from Terrence if you ever need it, that's my job and it always will be."

"And on a second call to action, I will also be representing Ms. Lilianna Price in the multiple charge hearing pressed on both Vendetta and ally, the undercover Elitist gang member known and identified as Brett Scott, who managed to aid in the break out of Terrence Vendetta on November second. The charges include conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, and first-degree murder. Charges for sexual abuse and or assault are to be determined."

"Did he just say first-degree murder of Lilianna Price?" Brett spluttered, all the men in the office staring at the screen in shock.

"Why did he say murder?" Terrence growled, eyes darting to each of his gang members.

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