Chapter 25: A little too much

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'She would not show that she was afraid, But being and feeling alone was too much to face'

There was only one word that could describe Lilianna's life at that point in time. That word was stuck. Stuck. She was stuck.

For a week she had been pushing down all of her feelings, her thoughts, her mind was blank. To cope with the world she had been forced into and the new life she was expected to live she became numb to it.

She watched as Hannah ran to the docks with her Uncle Klein trailing behind her with the frilly pink backpack. Her eyes lingered on the docks long after their speedboat had pulled away, her mind left to wander to places she didn't want to go.


She didn't move, didn't respond, but she heard. There was a hint of fear in the confused tone of Otis' voice. He had been trying to talk to her for days, ever since that day she snapped on him and his brother. To be honest, he knew he deserved it, Mikale especially. The payback Terrence took on them wasn't instant but it happened, and he was relentless. Otis was lucky and walked away from the rage fest that was his Boss. Mikale, however, had to crawl his way out of the man's office before making a break to safety.

"I know you don't like this question but-" He started.

"Don't say it." She hissed.

"Can I do anything to help you?" He opted for that question instead. At that moment he was more terrified of what she would do to him over what Terrence could ever do.

"Can you get me off this island?"


"Then why are you talking to me?" She seethed, her head twitching to the side as she glanced at him over her shoulder.

"You should go outside. Go swimming for a bit, tan on the beach. Play with Terrence's dogs. Do something to make yourself feel better." He suggested, gesturing to the beach that she had dreamed of going to many times since she had woken up in the house.

"Why do such a thing when the only thing I want to do is not a possibility?"

He sighed and scratched his head in thought. "What is the second-best thing you want?"

Her eyes cut to him, her stare holding his with an intensity he wanted to break away from.

"There are two things. One, shopping and a mani-pedi. On the mainland, away from here. No Terrence. Two, a phone call with my dad. I want to let him know I'm alive and that I love him. I want to tell him the number to my bank account so he can withdraw all my money and retire early so he can live on his own and be okay. Might as well since I'll never get to touch my own money ever again as long as I am in this house." She proposed, facing him with her arms crossed over her chest.

"That's a lot of big requests." He breathed out, not knowing how to grant her wishes without ending up dead.

"So you can't help me? Great, that's just bloody perfect!" She slowly grew louder, turning around and kicking the glass and wood front door. The frame rattled in it's locked position, the alarm chirping at the impact.

"I can talk to Terrence and get you the phone call, leaving the island is another battle I have no ability to help win." He offered.

"And how long will getting this phone call take?" She narrowed her eyes, intimidating him greatly.

"Give me twenty-four hours to talk him up. Got it?" He bargained.

"And I'm guessing you want something in return?"

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