Chapter 45: Little Bastards

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'Time to run away, I can't take this, I've been a little patient, no escape, I've got to get away a little faster'

"Casper, you fucking rat!" Mikale snarled, grabbing the computer genius by the collar and shaking him roughly.

"Put me down or I tell Terrence all about your little plan!" Casper threatened. "I recorded the whole thing I can tell Siri to send it with one word don't test me, Mikale."

Mikale dropped him and Casper immediately brushed the front of his shirt of wrinkles. He set his laptop on the desk and sat in the chair Commodore had left vacant.

"You've always been slimy," Mikale muttered, sitting next to the youngest Elitist member.

"Correction, I just know how to make sure this whole operation runs without plot holes." He snapped, furiously typing away.

"How are you going to help us?" Jeremiah asked.

"Easy, I can make sure Terrence and Lilianna both don't see the article about her dead papa." He answered. He hit the enter key on his keyboard rather dramatically and looked at the two men with a smile. "Check your news feeds now, gents."

Jeremiah whipped his laptop open and the article he had left open in his browser was now gone. He punched various keywords into the search bar and continued to come up with no results. "Okay, that is very helpful."

"As long as both of them stay in the mansion they won't see it, even in the live news feeds. I've blocked the server and any story containing any slight reference to her father. The block will remain until I lift it and neither will be able to tell there's been a change in the news feeds they receive." Casper explained.

"Okay, that's great but we still need to ask her about the phone call and make sure Terrence doesn't find out." Mikale sneered.

"Easy, I ask her if she wants to call him when Terrence isn't in the house," Casper stated in an obvious tone.

"And why should we trust you with the job that is riding on our own survival?" Jeremiah scoffed.

"Isn't it obvious?" Mikale glared at Casper. "He's going to rat us out to the boss the second things go sideways."

"Your accusation is very erroneous. Isn't it obvious, I'm the only one she will trust when it comes to using technology in this household. If I'm the one watching every transmission in and out of this island, me asking her if she wants to make a phone call is the safest option for her if she wants to eliminate the factor of being caught. Not to mention I have always been cordial to her and associated with her on an intellectual level that none of you brutes will ever come to comprehend." Casper fired back. Mikale and Jeremiah looked at each other for a moment in silent agreement. He was right, every Elitist had turned on her at some point since meeting her, everyone except Casper.

"Fine, say we give you the task, how are you going to approach her about it? You can't just walk up to her and say 'hey, do you wanna call your dad?' She would know you're either trying to catch her red-handed or think that Terrence is testing her on some fucked up escape tactic level. You said it yourself, she's not stupid." Jeremiah asked.

"Easy, I tell her she deserves the phone call she was promised and seeing as with Terrence in the house she will never be able to find the closure she so desperately needs after being abducted. I offer her the chance to call him, trace free and recording free because from one genius to another I know how tough it can be to be surrounded by insensitive delinquents on the daily." Casper shrugged. "I find your lack of faith in my social abilities rather disturbing. I am an Elitist for more than one reason I will soundly admit."

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