Chapter 30: Train Wreck

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'Unbreak the broken, unsay these spoken words, find hope in the hopeless'

"And in other news, the search for the mass criminal, Terrence Vendetta continues along with the attempts to locate and return renowned psychotherapist, Lilianna Price to her home in San Francisco."

The words of the reporter blared in his head as he sipped the brown liquid in his crystal tumbler. He couldn't turn off the television and he didn't change the channel in fear of missing the updates on the case.

"Sir, the Osbold trial starts in thirty minutes."

"I don't care, Rosette." The blond man snapped as he downed the hard liquor.

"You have to defend the Gadom family, Osbold deserves prison. This is your job." The maid reminded him as he locked eyes with the news reporter repeating the information on Terrence Vendetta's prison escape.

"I'll worry about myself, thank you." He warned, cutting his gaze to her for a second before looking back at the screen.

"I hope that poor girl is okay. What a pity isn't it." Rosette sighed, assessing her boss as she spoke. His shoulders tensed and he released a sharp breath before responding in a dark tone.

"Such a pity indeed."

The maid walked away from the large office, her head shaking slowly. He hadn't slept in days, he was hung up on the case and she hadn't a clue why.

Dressed in a crisp Armani suit, glasses pushed up his nose, the man entered the courtroom with confidence and stood next to the family of the murder victim he was to bring justice to. His eyes cut through the criminal on the other side of the room as he imagined Terrence Vendetta in his place.

"Mr. Boseman, your response." The judge announced. The blond man stood and looked at the jury.

"Your honour, this man is guilty and will pay for what he did to the young daughter of Mister and Misses Gadom. Just like every other sick murder will as long as I am a respected lawyer. I, Emmet Boseman, will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt to you, your honour, and the jury, that the man before us today is, in fact, a guilty monster."

Lilianna was entranced by the book in her hands that she missed the sound of the door opening to the library.

"Hey, Lilianna," Commodore spoke, causing her to jump and stare at him in annoyance. "Sorry, I just wanted to thank you for fixing Terrence."

"Oh, no problem. How's your head wound?" She asked, setting the book aside as she walked up to him and examined the stitches in his forehead.

"It still hurts a bit but not as bad as it did. Our inner circle doctor fixed it up well though." He answered, brushing his fingers across the cut lightly.

"And your burned nose is now just a nose?"

"Yeah, that was really minor. Honest to god I'm lucky this is all that happened to me. I mean, I've seen him do much worse with less than a coffee mug. Hell, I've seen him do worse with a broken leg." He shrugged, starting to walk out of the room.

"I'm sorry, did you just say that him throwing a cup of coffee at you wasn't a terribly rude thing of him to do?" She stuttered in shock, she kept forgetting just how dangerous Terrence was.

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