Chapter 4: Trouble

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'I'm in too deep, I sold my soul, I'm out of reach and I can't let go, I'm in trouble'

Don't tap the glass. Don't tap the glass. Don't tap the glass.

That line had been replaying in Lilianna's head since she left Vendetta's cell two hours ago.


She was quickly snapped from her thoughts when Hardy screamed her name on the plane.

"We've landed. Stop daydreaming." He told her as he turned and stepped off the private jet. She quickly slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way to her car.

"Lilianna wait!" Hardy called. She turned before she could unlock the car door, and watched as the doctor handed her a white box. She opened it to find a brand new iPhone, latest edition.

"Oh thank you, Hardy, you didn't have to get me something so nice." She assured him.

"If an old man like me can have one, you can too." He smiled, patting her shoulder. She continued to look at the shiny new screen of the Apple product. "What did he say to you in there today? You're very out of it."

"He said-"


"Well, it was the way he said it. It was almost like he was warning or threatening me even. It was strange." She tried to explain through her confused state.

"What did he say?"

"Before I left, he said, 'Don't tap the glass.' What did he mean by that?" She asked the professor.

"Anna I don't know. But please, be careful around him." He cautioned her.

"I know Hardy. I will be." He nodded once, squeezing her shoulder before starting to walk away.

"Thanks for the phone Hardy!" She yelled before getting ready to drive away. He laughed and smiled back at her, waving as he sped to his funded place in his shiny 1979 corvette.

Lilianna arrived home and walked towards her front door while she kept her head down, rummaging through her purse to find her keys. Once she found them, she finally let her eyes survey her surroundings. Nothing was out of the usual, besides a giant black Range Rover parked across the street.

"That's not sketchy at all." She mumbled to herself as she opened the door and closed it tight. Leaving her belongings on the couch, she went to the kitchen to make herself lunch, in hopes it would keep her mind off of the Rover.

While she steamed rice, her paranoia got the better of her. She kept her phone in hand with Hardy's number on speed dial, just in case she was about to die.

Just after she came to terms with the idea that she could very possibly be in no danger, she jumped and collapsed on the floor with a small scream. Someone had knocked on her door.

She slowly crawled backward, making her way to the back patio door, which she would use to flee if need be. There was another knock and her heartbeat was speeding up with every passing minute.

"Lilianna Price? This is Agent Commodore, I'm with the FBI on behalf of Witness Protection. Ms. Price, can you hear me, are you home?" A deep voice called out.

"Is he really?" She scoffed.

"Lilianna I was contacted by your partner, Hardy Wallon. He expressed major concern for your well being in regards to your association with the mass criminal, Terrence Vendetta. I'm hoping I can speak with you about possible options in order to ensure the maximum safety needed for you at this time."

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