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The Forgotten Seed by chantellie
The Forgotten Seedby Chantellie
Oscuro is made up of three parts. The high district, where nobles who have special powers reside, safe and secure. The middle district, where citizens live protected by...
Sang, Gifted(Complete) by BelindaPeters-Waine
Sang, Gifted(Complete)by Belinda Waine
I'm not a normal girl. I've known this since I was five years old and got my first gift. I have no idea where it came from, who I am, but it's something I have to learn...
ForestLands Institution by ChasteEmpress
ForestLands Institutionby ChasteEmpress
Forestlands Institution is a home for the supernatural. A place hidden from the human eyes where people with extraordinary abilities are taken to in order to learn how t...
BUTTERFLIES (Arc 2&3; The Undefeatable Class 192) by salvinsawyerr
BUTTERFLIES (Arc 2&3; The Salvin Sawyerr
Continuation of arc one... After getting into the Junior Academy of the Gifted, Stephanie's life takes a full turn. She is no longer the ordinary girl who speaks to anim...
Gifted✨ by Foram26
Gifted✨by foram shah
Sachi doesn't know she is gifted. Nor do the thousands of teens who are awarded the scholarship to the George Mallory school for the gifted ie. until their first day of...
Polaris {COMPLETED} by Flash_Bastardd
Polaris {COMPLETED}by Flash Bastard
It was a cold day when the truth was revealed to her. A horrible, pain filled day. The father that raised her, fed her, clothed her, loved her. The man who ultimately di...
Anchor by KatBlake86
Anchorby Kat Blake
The souls receive more flowers than the living because remorse is stronger than gratitude... ∞ ∞ ∞ ZOEY ORTIZ ISN'T JUST ANY GIRL. She was born with a gift. A gift that...
Crazy = Genius by Paigicornla
Crazy = Geniusby Paigicorn La
You can set yourself on fire, but you're never gonna burn. You can set yourself on fire, but you're never gonna learn. Terrence Vendetta. The world's most notorious cri...
Glistening Embers by MagnusLikesGlitter
Glistening Embersby Magnus Bane
Boring, dull, grey. Those are words Glisteen used to use to describe her life. But, after a mysterious shape shifter comes to the orphanage, Glisteen and her sister are...
Wasted {Frank Adler} by kimmyiewrites
Wasted {Frank Adler}by kimmyie writes
He knew the minute his mother showed up, his quiet life with his niece was going to be ruined, but he wasn't expecting to see the woman he gave up in order to give Mary...
The Dark Era by ninasweet998
The Dark Eraby Nina
[Second Book] This is a time before Shiori ever found her twin. A time where she was all alone and struggling to survive. She even stood at death's door. That was until...
The Forest's Call (Werewolf Series 2) (Book 2) by selenophiletheaa
The Forest's Call (Werewolf Luna Midnight
Have you ever thought that the Forest can Call anyone? or even you? What would it be like to be called by the Forest? Will it be Creepy? Interesting? Amazing? or Bone-Ch...
Withering Rose (Dazai x OC) by Stickit2nora
Withering Rose (Dazai x OC)by Stickit2nora
Freshly fifteen---with a gift of her own---Rozuko Oda is recruited into the Port Mafia. One year later there's a full out organization war in the city of Yokohama. A ye...
Attractive Addiction | PANGWAVE | COMPLETED by jazzrei
Attractive Addiction | PANGWAVE | J.R.
R+18 CONTENT AHEAD Pang is a normal lazy kid who doesn't give any attention to his study. He suddenly become a gifted student, and is being played by Wave the genius. Su...
Bruno's Daughter | Encanto/Bruno Madrigal fanfiction (COMPLETED) by HeyItzLozza
Bruno's Daughter | Encanto/Bruno L A U R E N
This is my way of dealing with my latest obsession by writing a fanfiction about it. Also, I don't own the story, plot, or the characters. Disney owns them. I only own S...
Child Of The Moon by Shykeijah
Child Of The Moonby Shykeijah
All seventeen year old Tanaya Brinks wants is a new start after a traumatic near-death experience. She was nearly killed at the jaws of a vicious pack of wolves. So, whe...
Pshychometry (Peter Parker X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
Pshychometry (Peter Parker X Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N is born with a gifted ability. She's able to see the past of someone by a physical contact or by their objects. She's always alone. Only one person accepts her. Tha...
Nirrin (Forestfolk, Book 3) by Zoe_Blessing
Nirrin (Forestfolk, Book 3)by Zoe Blessing
Nirrin spends her days in Foresthome caring for orphans, getting into trouble, and listening to other people's adventures with secret envy. Which is why following an int...
A Christmas Surprisement  by Welive4Soukoku
A Christmas Surprisement by Welive4Soukoku
• Owner 2 = Yatami/the one writing this story • Owner 1 = Saki/editing parts of the story ______________________________ Christmas is in a few weeks! The Armd Detective...
The School for the Gifted by ObliviousAngel
The School for the Giftedby Gillian
Andromeda (Andi for short) had a terrible accident, and she was on the run. She knew what happened to those who were gifted got caught by the government. Then she found...