Chapter 3: Sunshine Riptide

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'The world tried to burn all the mercy out of me but you know I wouldn't let it'

Hardy waited on the tarmac impatiently, watching carefully for the little Volkswagen of his colleague to pull into the lot. Just when he was about to assume the worst, the deep red car was turning towards him.

She stepped out, her hair pulled up into a messy blonde bun, a few small, wavy strands framing her face. Her black leggings were cut off by the knee-high, brown leather boots and the long, creme white overcoat she snuggled into to block out the chilly morning air. She pushed her glasses up her nose and smiled at a relieved Hardy.

"I'm alive." Lilianna chuckled as he grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"I thought you were dead for a second." He told her in honesty.

"Well, now you can relax." She shrugged.

"Come on you cheeky shit." He rolled his eyes at her, making her laugh at his choice of words.

Once at the prison and through security, Dolmen met the two doctors at the elevator.

"I have reviewed your request to have us take the security room rather than staying in the viewing room for your sessions, and I will allow it. But if the suggestion is on Vendetta's behalf, then I warn you. He's smarter than he looks." Dolmen sighed.

"Thank you, warden. Don't worry, I'm sure I can handle Mr. Vendetta just fine." She nodded once as the doors slid open to let them onto the secret Vendetta cell floor.

Staying in the security room, Hardy gave Lilianna one last sad smile before she rolled her shoulders, trying to seem fearless, and opened the two sets of doors to the cell.

Once the sound of the door sliding open resonated through the room, Vendetta sat up from his bench where he was pressing eight hundred pounds. A small grin graced his face when he laid eyes on Lilianna, a mischievous glint in his steely eyes.

"Ms. Price, you're back." He spoke, his voice smooth like velvet, yet gravely to make him seem dark and manly despite his facial expression. He stood, setting the weight on its rack with one hand.

"Someone's happy today." She said in shock, her eyes wide.

"I guess you could say I woke up on the right side of the bed. Also, I have the slight suspicion that mister warden said yes to my little request. I applaud you Price, you can sure work a bargain. How'd you do it?" He shrugged, quickly changing to a curious tone.

"I told him it was my own proposition. That it was strictly progressive session centred. It's in the idea that you will potentially open up more if I'm the only one listening in on you. Which part of me is also hoping is true." She assured him.

"You lied to the prison warden of Tollsada Bay penitentiary? Oh little Lilianna Price, you are quite the troublemaker I see." He laughed at the mere thought of her lying.

"I didn't lie. I told him half of the truth. I'm not a liar." She denied his accusations.

"Sure kitten, you keep telling yourself that." He smirked as she rolled her eyes.

He stood up from his workout spot and snatched a towel from a shelf on the wall, wiping down his tatted, sweaty skin. Lilianna couldn't help but stare, if he wasn't a criminal that had a body count of almost a million people, she would have been very turned on.

"Like something you see sweetheart?" He smirked, making her jump and look at him wide-eyed, her cheeks flushing pink. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

"Mr. Vendetta can we please start our session?" She gritted out. He chuckled and pulled out his seat at the table. Once comfortable he gestured to the place across from himself.

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