Chapter 29: Say love

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'Cause I opened my mouth now we're both just sat in silence, Frozen by three little words'

In the library, Lilianna sat with Rochelle sleeping in the crook of her elbow and an old copy of David Copperfield in her other hand. She had sent Hannah off to school a few hours earlier and had made rice bowls for the gang members to reheat for themselves when lunch came. She had stolen the record player from Brett's office while he was eating breakfast and let a random album by The Beatles play softly in the background of her space.

For the past few days, she had been avoiding Terrence at all costs and had even managed to annoy him about it so much that he didn't bother sleeping next to her the night before. She was getting under his skin and it was right royally pissing him off.

She heard the door open in front of her and her eyes flitted towards the figure standing in the frame. Otis gave her a sheepish smile before speaking.

"When was the last time you spoke to Terrence?" He asked, fear laced in his voice.

"At dinner four days ago." She answered nonchalantly.

"Can you talk to him today? Please?" He pleaded.

"No. Why do you ask such a thing of me?" She scoffed.

"He just lashed out at Commodore when he walked into his office. He threw his coffee mug filled with a freshly brewed cup at his head and now your blond buddy is sporting a nasty little cut on his forehead alongside a burnt nose." He informed her, making her jaw drop.

"He's that violent?"

"Yeah because he's upset about your little fallout." He nodded in hopes of guilt-tripping her to talk to his boss.

"And you want me to risk my safety by going in to talk to him and make amends for what he did to me?" She laughed dryly and shook her head. "Absolutely not, Otis. I understand that you want your happy-go-lucky boss back but don't turn to me for it."

"Please? You're the only person he will listen to!" He begged in a childish tone, his shoulders sagging as he shuffled in his spot nervously.

"No. I don't want to get caught by a coffee mug, are you mad?" She snapped.

"And none of us want to get battered up either. He won't hurt you, Anna. He wouldn't dare. He will listen to you and knowing you're talking to him again will lift his mood a bit. You have to help us out here!" He explained, walking towards her with his hands clasped together in a begging form. "I'll do anything!"

"If I fix him, you get me an appointment for a mani-pedi. My nails are about to detach and I have not been without decent looking acrylics for three years of my life and I am NOT starting now." She bargained.

"I will definitely shake with you on that." He nodded happily, shaking hands with her once.

"Good. Can I read now?" She asked.

"No, go talk to him now!"


"Yes now!"

"I'm caring for a baby at the moment!" She pointed out.

"She's sleeping! She will be fine, just go and talk things out, come back and you can get right back to babysitting." He responded.

"Well then are you going to watch her while I'm gone?" She asked. His face fell as he stared in fear.

"Uh, no. I'll kill her by accident. I'm not fit for childcare!" He panicked as she shifted the baby onto her shoulder and stood.

"It's easy, now sit." She ordered, waiting for him to sit on the sofa. Once he was seated she stood before him and cradled the baby in her arms gently.

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