Chapter 21: You deserve better

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'Deep down you know I ain't even worth it, It's not enough babe, All I do is make you cry'

'Deep down you know I ain't even worth it, It's not enough babe, All I do is make you cry'

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Lilianna sat next to Hannah at the dinner table. The little girl was happily munching on her burger, talking to the rest of the men in the room when her mouth wasn't full.

"And I got a sticker for my homework!" She smiled. Mikale laughed, making the child giggle too.

"What kind of sticker did you get?" He asked.

"A turtle! And he had a pink shell that was shiny. I put it on the front of my notebook so I can always see it when I take it from my bag. Everyone else is going to be so jealous." She explained.

"Any friends yet?" Casper asked her, watching her mood instantly die.

"No," She sighed. Lilianna's brow furrowed at the words she was hearing.

"What do you mean?" She asked Casper.

"Hannah has been having a hard time making friends at school. The other girls in her class knew each other before school because their parents all know one another. Hannah is considered an outsider and they just won't talk to her." Commodore caught her up.

"She goes to an all-girls private school, people with money send their kids there. The kids become self-righteous from a young age and unfortunately they won't accept Hannah into their circle despite her rich parentage." Casper added.

"She's the wealthiest kid there considering her father is the right-hand man to the world's worst criminal. We're all stacked, and Jeremiah is the second wealthiest person in this house due to his rank. The kids are idiots for blocking her out. We rack up more individually in a day than what those kids' parents make combined in a month." Brett scoffed, finishing his burger and dumping the dishes in the large double sink.

"Money doesn't make her better than them, and vice versa." Lilianna snapped, her own financial situation making her touchy about the topic.

"At a prep school like that, it does." Otis sighed, understanding her anger about the topic of discussion.

"Disgusting." She shook her head, feeling sorry for the girl with no friends who sat beside her. "Don't worry about them, Hannah. If those kids can't accept you for you, they are not worth your friendship whatsoever."

"Okay, most of them aren't very nice anyway. They talk back to Ms. Graham a lot. I'm a good kid so I don't do that." She nodded, making Lilianna smile.

"I was the same as you in school."


"Yeah, only I was younger than everyone else because I have a really smart brain."

"Do I have a really smart brain?" Hannah asked with excitement.

"Of course! You are very smart." Lilianna nodded, the blonde child's eyes glinting with excitement.

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