Chapter 20: Anchor

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'Both our eyes locked to the tide, we went in circles somewhere else'

'Both our eyes locked to the tide, we went in circles somewhere else'

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Jeremiah automatically shot out of his seat at the island countertop and ran to the foyer.

"How is my beautiful little girl today?" He asked the little dirty blonde girl in his arms.

"Happy!" She cheered, her smile lighting up his own face.

"That's the best answer ever!" He replied, tickling her sides as she giggled helplessly.

"STOP!" She screamed, waving her arms around in hopes of catching someone's attention.

"I'll save you, Hannah!" Terrence called, running up and grabbing her from Jeremiah and setting her on his shoulders.

"Uncle Terrence! You're home!" She gasped, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him.

"I am my little bugbear." He smiled. "And a brought someone else with me too."

He spun around to face Lilianna, the child's eyes going wide as they landed on the young lady.

"Who's she?" She whispered to Terrence.

"That is your aunt. Her name is Lilianna." He told her, walking closer to Lilianna.

"She's really pretty." She whispered again, making him chuckle.

"She is very pretty, isn't she." He nodded, smirking as Lilianna's cheeks turned bright pink.

"Say hi, Hannah," Jeremiah told his daughter, a sternness to his tone.

"Hi, Aunt Lili!" She mumbled, waving her small hand at Lilianna.

"Hi, Hannah." Lilianna smiled. "You're very pretty too."


"Of course!"

Hannah immediately started to scramble off of Terrence's shoulders, sliding down his arms and jumping to the floor.

"Hey! Chill out, you monkey!" Terrence sighed, making sure the four-year-old didn't injure herself.

Hannah stood before Lilianna and smiled brightly, her arms shooting up. She wanted to be held by Lilianna. "Up!"

Lilianna laughed lightly and scooped the youngster into her arms and rested her on her hip.

"Can you play dolls with me?" She asked.

"I would love to!" Lilianna nodded.

"Hannah be nice to Lilianna." Jeremiah scolded his daughter, her excitement worrying him slightly.

"I know daddy. I'll be good. I promise." She looked over her shoulder at her father.

"That's my girl." He smiled.

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