Chapter 11

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                                                           John's pov.

This was enough for me,i been jerking off to this Angel ever since he left me,and now i had him here standing infront of me and i'll be damned if i let him go,even if i have to force him i will make him mine.

''I want to fuck you!!" I declared.

And he just looked at me with panic in his eyes.

''I see,well im not really ready for that yet''.He stated and as i lift my eyebrow i outstretch my hand so he can take it.

He put his hand on mine and i lead him out of my room,down the stairs til we were down in the basement he looked confuse and i gesture for him to keep quiet,i open the iron made door and lead him in shutting the door so it locked from the inside,at that very moment i was actually thankful that Balthazar never saw the panic room,where his powers were useless,i smirked at him and spoke very slowly.

''What i said upstairs still goes,that wasn't an option either''.I smile evilly when he shivered.

He glared at me and shut his eyes and my smirked grew bigger,this angel was trying to dissapear,he open his eyes and looked confuse.

''Why the hell cant i zap''.He sneered at me and i smile.

''Anti angel/anti demon remember?,Youre powers dont work here''.He narrow his eyes at me and threw himself at me and delivered punch after punch.

in a couple of seconds wrestling turned into touching and then it happened he looked at me and said "fuck this''. And kissed me. after that we where full on making out i took his shirt off ,he took off mine and i was very confused but i didn't say anything i wanted it to last . He placed his hand on the outside of my pants and began to gently rub my dick. I moaned at the contact of his hand on my already hard member.

At this moment i had no idea where this would go and frankly i didn't care,this felt too damn good that after this i would die a happy man. so i just didn't say anything then he stared at me with lust in his eyes and i smile at him. "Feels good?" .I ask him but he didnt respond i pulled off his pants and underwear and his member came sprinting out in all its glory and i began to  kiss him while stroking his dick,as mine  grew very large and he  was suprised when it rubbed his adomen .

''I've wanted this ever since I saw you," I whispered in his ear Once i lead him to the small bed,  making him suck in a gulp of air.I made my way down kissing him all over til i was face to face with his ass cheeks

Almost simultaneously, i started to lick his ass cheeks, i moved down to the crack. Using my hands, i spread his ass wide, and could see the hole. I started licking all around the ass, and then flicked my wet, warm tongue in and out of the hole. He groan in ecstasy. like This felt too good.

I ate his hole for a while and than stop to come up and kissed him,i replaced my tongue with one finger.

I got him loose enough so that i wouldn't hurt him.

I pinch his hard nipples making him moan in pure pleasure while i sucked on his neck.

At this momment i had stuck three fingers in his hole and he was panting.

''Please,quit teasing me''.He whined and i smirked at him.

''What do you want?''.I asked him.

''Fuck me''.And that was all i needed,i pull his legs up and rest them on my shoulders,i line my member with his entrance and as i stared him directly in to his eyes i begin to go in little by little,he dig his fingernails into my back and i could feel the sting letting me know he drew out blood.

Without a second thought i slam hard into him making him wince but as soon as i reached his prostate he moan and push his ass to meet my thrusts.

I thrust in to his hole and he wrapped his legs around my neck i let go of them and started to jerk him off with one hand while the other play with his balls,we were in a bliss and i could feel my seed was building up in me,a couple of more thrusts and i get there,so i jerk him faster making him moan my name 'John oh jesus fuck me harder'.John goddamn it dont stop im almost there''.He squeaked and his moans made me loose it,i put my hand on his shoulder and push him against me as hard as i could to meet with my member.

''Im cumming,oh damn im cumming''.He grunt and sure enough he spilled his semen in between our stomachs and at the sight of that i lost all my control and exploded inside him.

I slump on him tired and not worrying about getting my cock out of his nice tight hole,and good god i felt myself getting horny again i was shock since its never happend before,Balthazar gasps and open his eyes to stare at me.

''Seriously?,Again?''.I blushed and just nodded,he chuckle and wrap his legs around my waist seeing as i was still slump on him,he lifted his ass up and down,up and down than he flip us so that he was on top sitting on my member and started riding me hard,while i lay there on my back looking at him.

He was going up and slamming down on my member and i saw his own erection on my stomach and with out thinking i started to stroke him and that made him go faster.

''Oh fuck yes,fuck yes,my god fuck yessssss''.And we both came at the same time.

I close my eyes and he left my member in him while he lay on my chest.

We both let sleep take us,knowing that we probably would go for round three later,i didnt bother to take my cock out and neither did him.

This was my Angel!.

(Not the last chapter just so you know)

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