John's pov.

I was always on the road,hunting ever since i married Mary the love of my life and had the boys.

Til Sam was six months old and the yellow eye demon killed Mary it almost kill me and the only thing that kept me going was the thirst for revenge and my boys.

But now sitting here in a bar full of strippers,i found myself looking at this sarcastic rude angel who wants to kill one of my boys and messes with my others love life.

And instead of getting mad i found myself amuse by him.

Don't get me wrong if he as so much as touch one single hair of Dean's,well he won't be alive.

But he still intrigues me to no end,no one since my deceased wife ever caught my attention until i met this angel,and it's confusing seeing as he's a man,an angel,rude,sarcastic and does everything i dont believe in and yet here iam staring at him instead of the strippers.

He turn to me and raised an eyebrow.

''You know usually,man stared at the naked girls instead of me,i mean i know im a sexy son of a bitch but you my friend is looking at wrong view''.He smirked at me and i chuckle,he stiffen like he always does when i chuckle or speak and i wonder, why did he do that?.

''For some reason,i find it hard to focus on anything but you''.I spoke the truth and he looked surprised for a second and than his face took the same face he always wore and smirked at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

''Well im flattered really iam,but i dont swing that way sorry''.He chided and turn back to the stripper.

''Didnt say i did''.I pointed it out.

He snorted and turn my way again with a smile.

''Both of you're sons do,so maybe you swing both ways but go swing to someone other than me,hey what about that bloke the man whose in love with his junk and alcohol''.I wince at him mentioning Bobby in that way,i shudder at the thought of seeing Bobby naked ew,nope i rather fuck a demon before Bobby.

''I find you interested,but believe me im straight all the way''.I explained and i could've swore i saw dissapointment cross his face but that could've been wishful thinking.

Wishfull thinking?.Why would i wish that?.Im a man and like woman,Sam and Dean are prove of that,so why do i feel like i want to hold him tight in my arms and have him moan my name.

My god im falling for a man whose an angel.

God help me.

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