Chapter 6

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                                                               John's pov.

We went back home and i notice how Balthazar isolates himself,he grab a bottle of liquor and dissapears making me chuckled.

Someone clear their throat making me turn their way and raised an eyebrow.

''John please tell me,you're not pulling a Sam and Dean''.Bobby pleaded sounding sick.

''What do you mean Bobby?''.I play stupid and he snorted.

''You know exactly what i mean,you act funny around that ass''.I smile sadly and just sigh.

''I dont know weather is what the boys have or just curosity,but their is something there''.I admitted and Bobby just looked thoutful for a minute.

''Well  two options,kill curosity and sleep with him or ignored it and walk away''.For some reason the second option made my stomach drop and thats when i knew that walking away was not an option.

''That look on you're face is telling me that youre going with the first option''.Bobby pointed it out and i nodded smiling but than frowned when i remember him saying he wasn't like that and for me to swing somewhere else,that Angel is stubborn so how am i going to convice him to help me scracth the itch?.

Should i just try and just take him?.No i cant do that even if he's an angel that would be classified as rape,and he can kill me.

Maybe if i spend more time with him,he could actually like me.

Jesus christ im acting like a teenager talking about the school's hottest boy.

I groaned and rubbed my face with both my hands.

''Dad?.What's up?''.Dean asked me coming to sit next to me with Castiel by his side.

''Nothing just getting desperate with this Raphael guy''.I lied and it seemed like Cass knew it,he cock his head to the side and his eyes bore into mine,he stay like that and than frowned.

''Dean could i speak with youre father?.In private please''.He turned to look at Dean than at Bobby who scowl at him.

''Yeah babe''.Dean stood up and kissed him smack on the lips and it made me smile at how easy Dean adapted to his relationship with Cass.

''My own goddamn house and i get kicked out''.Bobby was being push by an amuse Dean.

I laugh at both of them and than turn to look at Castiel who had a serious look on his face.

''Whats up Cass?''.I asked him and he frowned.

''I um i can sense something from you,but im not sure what''.He was confused and i chuckled to myself thinking yeah that makes two of us buddy.

''Is there something going on,between you and my brother?''.He asked me with a serious face.

''No,there isn't anything going on,why you asked?.I acted innocently so that he wouldn't make a big deal out of things.

''Oh ok,i guess than my brother is talking about another human man than''.Cass said absenmindly and that caught my attention.

''Wait what?.What are you talking about?.What brother?..I kept asking him all this and he just cock his head once again looking at me,like he was debating weather he could tell me or not.

''I zap to where he was drinking,but didnt make myself known,i wasn't spaying on him but just wanted to know how he really feels since he wont tell me''.He added the spying part as soon as i raised an eyebrow.

''Anyways he kept taking drinks of his bottled while talking to himself,he was saying what's wrong with you Balthazar falling for a human?,He might swing that way but you know he'll end up hurting you,dont be stupid distance youre self from him,this man will hurt you and you dont need that''.Castiel repeated Balthazar's words and my heart almost broke he was afraid just like me,he wasn't sure how to feel and that made me smile sadly,i was the same way.

So my question is should i talk to him?.Should we see where this can go?.Are we man enough to try something that never even crossed our minds?.Or should we leave it like this and once we get rid of Raphael he can dissapear and i continue hunting?.

What to do?

Im as confused as he is and i didn't like this feelings.

''Castiel,maybe he'll be ok he's just stressed because of that Angel tha's trying to kill you''.I told him and walked out of the living room and upstairs into my bedroom,i slump on the bed and just close my eyes to relax,when all of the sudden their was a noise and when i open my eyes i saw an Angel holding a bottle and glaring at me.

''You son of a bitch,youre making me feel things i never felt before and i hate them!.All my thoughts are about you and i dont like it,Get out of my head!''.He was screaming at me while i just stare at him,without thinking i got up off the bed and walked towards him.

He stiffen but didnt back out he stay frozen there,once i was face to face,i put both of my hands on each side of his face and slowly started to pull him towards mine til our lips were brushing agaisnt each other,his breathing pick up and he close his eyes waiting for me to connnect our lips did i want to?.Should i do it?.My answer to those two questions were yes and yes.

And i connected our lips making us both moaned in pure pleasure.he dropped the bottle and wrap his arms around my neck,i slid my hands down to his ass and lifted him up making him wrap his legs around my waist and we moaned more,i hissed when his member rub mine and right there and than i knew it,i like him and he like me.

And maybe we would be ok,for now that is.

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