Balthazar's pov.

We stay in this dreadful house for days and i was going crazy,i needed alcohol and lots of it.

It didn't help at night when you can hear grunts and whimpers coming from Sam's and Dean's rooms.

The whimpers from Castiel and Crowley and the grunts from The Winchesters and let me just tell you this im amazed at how much stamina they have,well The Winchesters that is.

Currently i was sitting out here on a junk car,just looking up and drinking a bottle of vodka that i just stolen from that cave man in there,psht Angels shouldn't drink he said,yeah well Angels shouldn't be fucking a human and specially not the same sex human but do they say something about that?.Nope but Balthazar wants to drink and that's a sin?.Talk about being hipocrites.

''Hey we found some things,can you come tell us if we can kill Raphael with it''.That's another thing why do i need to help?.This is Castiel's and Dean's problem,if it was up to me i let Dean get kill,i hate that idiot but i can't hurt my brother like that.So i being the good little Angel that iam,i sigh and got off the junk car and follow Senior Winchester inside the house.

''Are you ok''?.Now that threw me off,no one and i mean no one has ever ask me that in all my Angelic life.

''Yeah,why wouldn't i be''?.And that's why no one bothers to ask me,im sarcastic and an asshole.

To my surprised Senior Winchester just chuckle and shook his head no in amusement.

''Yes asking,i know is not easy living with a bunch of humans one demon and you're brother''.He pointed it out and i just dismissed it as if it didn't bother me,when in reality he hit a nerve.

''Yeah,well im fine with that now if you're boyfriend sasquatch stops hiding the liquor than i'll be better''.He stop walking an turn to me with his eyebrow raised and a small smile on his lips.

''I'll see what i can do about the liquor just dont call him my boyfriend or he'll want to stick you in the anti angel/demon for eternity''.Whoa anti angel room,they have this room and noone thought about telling me this?,I sigh how stupid can they be?.Can they see we can stick Raphael in there and let him rot in there.

My god im living with a bunch of morons.

                                                           Castiel's pov.

''Dean im worried about Balthazar''.I murmur to Dean while laying on his chest after we finish having sex.

''He'll be alright''.He mumble lazily with his eyes shut.

''He's not used to being around humans''.I said while lifting my head up so that i can meet his beautiful green eyes.

''Dad and Bobby are down there with him,as long as Balthazar is not himself and behaves Bobby wont stick him in the panic room''.He chuckled at that.

''I hate that room''.I admitted,and i really did is like my powers are strip and i become useless or in Dean's words a baby in a trench coat.

''I know,now get some sleep or let me get some sleep''.He soothed and than i could hear his soft snoring and his chest going up and down slowly.

I know Balthazar acts like tough and nothing bothers him but in reality he's lost .

I wondered why he stuck around?.Balthazar is stubborn and he would've left if he wanted to,so why stay and help us?.He hates Dean and would love to kill him but he doesn't because of me.

I sighed wistfully and shut my eyes,Angels don't sleep so i just close them to relax listening to Dean's heartbeat.

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