Chapter 9

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                                                                  Balthazar's pov.

I was drinking more than usual if that's even possible,i hated my eternal life,i hated The Winchesters for walking around like they owned the world yeah they saved time after time but that doesn't give them the right to act like that,i hated John Wnchester more for coming into my life,how dare him make me like him,how dare him steal my breath and how dare him moving into my thoughts day and night,and the more i drink the more i think about him,the more i imagine him hovering over me with lust filled eyes looking down on me,those lucious rough pouty lips of his coming into contact with mine.

And i wonder how it would feel to have him in me,while i moan and screamed his name with every thrust he gave me.I groaned at that image and with out thinking my hand slid inside my pants and grab my shaft,i was hard just by thinking of the things me and John could do,i started to jerk off slowly up and down,up and down while my mind took me back to John thrusting roughly into me while one hand hold down my hip to keep me in place,the other found my erected member and he started jerking me off while fucking me from behind,in my head we were almost there and with one big thrust and a rough jerk on my member i spill my seed on his bed and him in my ass.

I open my eyes and groan when i saw my hand fill with my seed,what the hell?.

''It's weird seeing that''.I jump up and narrow my eyes at Castiel.

''What are you doing here?''.I grunted at him while doing my zipper up and going to wash my hand.

''I came to check on you,how you feeling brother?''.The worry in his voice made my heart swell,i knew my brother loved me and never forget about me,but still felt threatned by his relationship with Dean.

''Im good,you know me nothing ever gets to me''.He frowned and than just stared at me for a while.

''You were playing with youre self''.He stated and i actually goddamned blush,me the great Balthazar blushed.

''So,not all of us have someone to do it for us like you''.Yeah take that,youre turn to blush.

''You could if you quit being stubborn''.I narrow my eyes at him into slits,but decided to play dumb.

''Yeah i know,and i do in case youre forgetting my own personal heaven is a stripp club''.He rolled his eyes and shook his head at me in  a dissaproving way.

''John is hurting''.He said softly and i blink a couple of times.

''And youre telling me this becauseeee''.I prolonged my question making it clear i really didn't care about anything having to do with The Winchesters.

Yeah that's right i didn't care,just ignored the pain in youre chest that youre feeling after Castiel told me John was hurting,it'll go away just like evryone in my life.

''Stop!''.Castiel growl at me sounding pissed,now this was a surprised.

Ladies and gentlemans meet my shy,quiet all together brother Castiel coming undone.

''What''.I asked innocently fanning my eye lashes in a 'im cute and innocent way'.

''You're hurting as much as he is,and this pain could end by you're hand and you know that''.He stated and i stared at him,i hate it the fact that he was right,he was always right.

''Are you suggesting,i kill him to end his agony?''.I gasp in fake horror.

''You know what im suggesting,grow up and do the right thing Balthazar is not only you this time,you are hurting someone else besides you and by that person hurting so is Dean and Sam''.He snapped at me and i rolled my eyes.

There it was he wasn't worried about me,he was only worried about his precious Dean.

''Sorry brother i me a favor and tell that bloke to move on and forget me ok,good chat though we gotta do it more often''.I said that and zap my way to a busty stripper already bending over for me.

Im not going there,i can't.

Than why are you thinking about him and not looking at the stripper?.My concious was speaking to me now?.When the hell did i get that?.I thought i was the Angel that sat on someones shoulder and tell them what was good or bad,of course my bad was helping people and go to church and my good was if the old lady gets on youre way push her to the side so you can get to where ever you need to go quicker and go to a bar screw church thing,huh maybe thats why i lost that job centuries ago.

Well i hate having a consious and i have a feeling as to who put it there,oh and im so going to kick his ass.


                                                          Castiel's pov.

''So what happend Cass?''.Dean asked me and i just looked at him.

I sighed i felt bad for what i done to Balthazar but it had to be done,he needed to stop being selfish and realized his place was with John and vice versa.

''He'll come around give him time''.Dean snorted at my answer.

''No offense Cass,but that Angel is an asshole and i doubt he'll come around''.I didnt like it that he was insulting my brother but i understood how he felt,his father was hurting and all because of my brother.

''I gave him a concious''.I mumble embarrased,that was a bad move since us angels are suppost to be the concious for the humans,give one to an Angel and they'll second guessed every move they do,i was hoping he'll second guessed his decision about him and John and come back to him.

''Ok,how is that going to help?''.Dean ask me.

''You'll see,by tomorrow he'll be here and than since he's never seen the panic room we'll stick him there,and you'll bring youre dad get him drunk and stick him in there too''.My plan wasn't original,it was used on me and Dean when we were being stubborn,Sam had to do that.

Dean chuckled and came to wrap his arms around my waist and lay his chin on my head,i hated being shorter that Dean,but he loved it and the was enough to make me smile.

''Sounds like us huh''.He stated and i smile lifting my face so i can look in to Dean's eyes.

''Balthazar is just scared and this is how he protects himself''.Dean look into my eyes and than nodded slowly.

''I know that ok and im trying to like him believe me im trying but he is making it hard seeing as how he's hurting my dad,Cass you know family means everything to me and since Balthazar is youre brother and maybe possibly will be with dad well im really,really trying''.He stated and he shudder at the thought of his dad being with my brother.

''Hey Dean,if they get together wouldnt Balthazar become you're dad?,Do you have to call him dad?''.I ask and he stared at me as if my wings were showing,i look behind me just to make sure they weren't.

''Cass.Don't.You.Ever.Say dad and Balthazar in the same sentence ok''.He spoke very slowly and i just nodded in agreement.

''Good,now let's go to bed im exausthed and i want some of that Angel ass before i go to sleep''.Dean grinned when he saw my blushed face and chuckled.

''Youre so cute,can't believe you still embarrased even after all we done together''.He whispered that last bit in my ear making me shiver.

I follow him up to our room,i couldn't help but worried about what i done to my brother,i hope he understands i did it for his own good.

Autho's note~Ok so that whole concious thing i dont think its real and i totally pull that out of my ass,hope its believable enough;)..And that moment with Balthazar well i tried to make it as steamy as i could...Not edited so theres going to be some or a shitload of mistakes,so so very sorry about that.But still enjoyed there still a couple of chapters left..

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