John's pov.

I stood still staring at the spot Balthazar was before he dissapeard.I wasn't even blinking wondering if he was going to show up and say 'Almost had you',And he would laugh and come to me to hug me and kiss me.

But no he left he really did,why is it hurting it isnt as if we had something going on,or as if we knew each other long,we just met for godsakes.

''Dean,watch out!''.Sam cried out and that snap me out of my thoughts remembering my boys and the rest where fighting a phsyco Angel out for revenge,i ran out to see Dean inside the circle with said Angel wrestling on the ground.

I spotted that long silver knife and picked it up,i saw Sam and Crowley knock up pretty bad and Castiel was nowhere to be found,Bobby was laying on top of a car unconcious and bloody,i jump into the circle with Dean and the crazy Angel.

''Dad,stab him in the throat''.Dean manage to tell me.

And without second guessing as i stood behind the Angel i stab the back of his neck and than push down into his throat,a light came on his face and you could see the skeleton in there,and than all lights went out and the body slump on on top of Dean.

''Son you ok?''.I asked him while helping him stand on his feet.

''That son of a bitch send Cass away''.He mumble and step out of the circle as the fire was going out.

''Cass!''.He yell out to the sky.

''Come on babe,Douchebag is dead,please tell me youre fine''.Dean pleaded and i could see the pain in his eyes,he was scared that Castile wouldnt come back,or if he was hurt.

''Don't worry he's fine''.I widen my eyes when i heard the voice i thought i would never hear,i turn to face Balthazar who was holding a beat up Castiel.

Dean went straight to him and grab Castiel and hug him tight to his chest,that view made me think about my situation and i turn around to look at Balthazar who was also staring at Dean and Castile,he sense me watching him and he turn to me scowled and turn back to Dean.

''He'll be fine,he was rough up a bit but he'll healed good thing he zap to me instead of the time out room for naughty Angels..'He smirked and went to Sam and Bobby,he rub his hand on their faces and all the injures and blood went away.

''Can't heal demons and even if i could i wouldn't''.He spoke and i was opening my mouth to say something but he saw me and just zap out of here,leaving me standing once again staring at the empty spot where he was standing.

''Dad,are you ok?.Dean asked me still holding Castiel.

''Yeah,im just alittle confuse''.And it was true,i wasnt sure as to what was i feeling?.

All i know is that i wanted to be around that mean,sarcastic and drunk Angel.

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