Chapter 1

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           At the request of xxDink6ltrxx im making a sort of a sequel but with the same characters but im adding two more,it'll be a bit different where someone falls for someone while helping their friends,,so enjoy!                                                     

                                                     Balthazar's pov.

I felt so alone now that Castiel was always with Dean,i couldn't help but feel jealous here iam his brother and he chooses that asshole over me.

I hate Dean Winchester with all my might and wish harm will come to him,no i dont love Castiel as a lover but as a brother and whenever he's around Dean he always gets hurt.

''Ah walloing in self pity i see''.I rolled my eyes and turn to face the owner of that voice.

''Raphael,what do you want?''.I growled not caring weather he kills me or not.

''Not much just here to let you know im going to kill that traitor''.I raised an eyebrow at his comment,yeah because its that easy,Raphael has been trying to kill Castiel for a while now but never succeded.

I smirked at him and he scoffed at me.

''I will  this time,all i need is take that insignificant human and make Castiel suffered little by little''.He proclaim as he stared at me into my eyes.

''You should joined me and help defeated him''.I shook my head no.

''Castiel is my brother,so no''.I drawl and that face expression told me he wasn't happy with my answer.

''Wrong answer!''.He exclaimed and came at me.

Hours later~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**

I showed up at this awful house with nothing but junk ugly broken cars,how did i get here?.I close my eyes and when i open them i was infront of ugh,really?.

Twelve set of eyes on me.''Balthazar,what happend?''.Castiel asked worried.

''Our loving brother,pay me a visit''.I chided with sarcasm.

''Did he~''.I nodded before he finish he sentence.

Dean came over and wrap his arms around Castiel's waist bringing him close to his chest.

''So,why are you here''.He ask while staring at Castiel the whole time,the way they were staring into each others eyes was sick and i felt nauseated but jealous at the same time,my brother found love and is happy you could tell just by seeing them together,so why cant i have that?.

''He beat me and the next thing i remember is waking up out there in this horrible place full of broken pieces of crap''.I shudder at the memory when i woke up ew.

''Hey that's my junk you talking about''.Said the bogeyman with an ugly flannel shirt and rip jeans full of grease.Heavens sakes he even had grease on that beard of his.

''If i was you,i wouldn't sound so damn proud bloke''.He narrow his eyes and was about to probably shower me with not so nice insults.

Than i heard a chuckle and it send  shivers down my spine,i turn to face the owner of it and i lost my voice,me sarcastic asshole Balthazar was speechless and all because of this human in front of me.

''Oi Sam love,im going to go now, i can stand Cass but two angels in one room and than four hunters whom three out of those four probably want me dead,yeah call if you need me love''.Said the dreadful demon and i just roll my eyes.

''Wow you Winchester  boys do know how to mix work with pleasure huh''.I smirked at Dean's blushed face.

''Ok so what do you want from us''?.Sam asked me and i face him and just shrugged.

''Just here to tell you that Raphael is planning something to kill Castiel''.I spoke and Dean's face turn red with anger,tighting his hold on Castiel's body,Cass was just quiet with his usual blank and cold expression on his face,but i know my brother and i know he's worried and scared.

''Yeah well let him try''.Dean growled.

''Well mate,his plan is to get to you and tortured you so that would hurt Castiel''.Castiel's face change drastically but the one that stuck out was fear of losing his love 'Dean'.

''Brother becareful,me im dissapearing again''.Dean snort and i raised an eyebrow at him.

''Yes Dean?''.I smirked.

''Always running,why can you be a man and grow some balls and stay and fight instead of running like the little bitch you are!''.Dean hissed at me.

''Well Dean boy,i do have balls i just wont show them to you because well as we all know you like banging Angels and im not interested in neanderthal like you''.I pointed it out to him and i heard a chuckle from the same man who made me feel shivers down my spine earlier today.

''What my brother is trying to say in a non nice words,Balthazar we can help you try and defeat Raphael once and for all''.Sam suggested and i cmile at him.

''Well when you offer is different seeing as how you only have the hots for demons and not Angels''.I drawl and there it is that chuckle again.

What was wrong with me and why did i like hearing that laugh or chuckle and those eyes,my damn those eyes were beautiful.

''Whatever''.Sam grumbled and i widen my smile.

''Do you accept or you just going to run like the little bitch that you are?''.Dean spat.

''Brother please stay and let The Winchesters and Bobby help please''.Castiel pleaded.

What do i have to lose right?.I could use the help but do i want to be around this humans?.

And do i want to be close to the man that's making me weak at the knees just by his chuckles?.

''Fine''.I manage to murmur.

I hope im not making a mistake.

''Joy''.Dean announce sounding sarcastic.

''Ok than lets get to work''.That voice was better than the chuckles and smiles and right there and than i realised the mistake i done.

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