John's pov.

As soon as Dean and Castiel walk out,i push Balthazar all the way agaisnt the wall,i was tired of this cat and mouse games,i wanted us to be together and fuck if i let him push me away continuosly.

''Now John let's be reasonable here''.Balthazar spoke but he was faultering in his words,i smirked getting closer to his face,close enough so that our noses were touching.

''And how are you willing to be reasonable?,Huh i would like to know''.I asked my voice was sounding huskier,lust filled and just by looking at this Angel infront of me i wanted to hold him agaisnt the wall and fuck him senseless.

''John stop''.He try to sound demanding but it came as a whisper.

''Huh somehow i don't believe you want me to stop,Do you want me to stop Balthazar?''.I asked him while slowly touching his lips with mine.

''Stop~p~p~playing and fuck me''.He didnt have to tell me twice and i wanted to throw him on the bed and ravish him,kiss him all over his beautiful body and thrust into his cute little ass time after time until he moans and screams out my name over and over til he spills.

But first things firsts.

''I don't think i will''.I told him while moving my lips slowly on his neck.

''What?''.He sounded surprised yet horny.

''Well first you gotta promise me,that by the end of the night you'll stay with me,that you wont run away or zap away from me,you gotta promise that you wont push me away and that we'll stay together for the rest of our lives or until i die again''.I chuckled at that last one,by this point i had already bit,kissed and sucked all over his neck making him suck in air and moan quietly.

''So what is youre answer?''.I kissed him on the lips softly.

''Ok,you win i love you John,i Balthazar king of all that is illegal,sarcastic and rudeness is fucking in love with John Winchester hunter/human and father of two boys one of whom i still feel like puking when i see him,I.FUCKING.LOVE.YOU''.He said and slam his lips on mine.

As soon as i heard what i wanted to hear,i growled and grab him than threw him on the bed me following to lay over top him.


My hand found Balthazar's hip and it gently brushed the side of his
pants.I cautiously moved my hand to the top of his waistline. I could feel the warmth and smoothness of his lower stomach, as it moved up and down with his breathing. I then slide my hand down over the buldge in his pants. I could now feel the outline of my Angel's shaft. Slowly, I moved my fingers up and down his thick lenght through his clothes that i was starting to hate. I needed to feel his naked shaft so I  slip off his pants and underwear in one pull., I  also wanted to give his tip a good licking. I continued to feel him up, moving down to his balls and back up his shaft, he definitely was getting rock hard and ready

I got down in between his legs and started to tongue his balls which were so large, but smooth. He quietly whispered "Oh yes, John".As he bury his hands in my hair to keep me on this position, I continued to give his balls a great tongue job moving from one then to the other, planting wet sloppy kisses on both of them. Balthazar's moaning continued and got louder and louder until he finally shouted "Suck me, SUCK ME!!!!! The front of my jeans were really tenting out from my hard on and they were really getting soaked with my pre cum.

A low groan came from my throat as I began to tongue the base of his shaft. I began sucking the side of his prick like it was my favorite flavor lollipop. I worked my mouth to the tip of his hard rod. Balthazar was all hot and bother, judging by the size of his shaft. I rolled my tongue around tasting his tangy pre cum. He began to move his hips as I went up and down the head of his shaft. While doing that I reached my hand under his hips to grab his ass cheeks and give them a good massage. Balthazar moaned even louder letting me know i was doing a good job. I continued to suck his shaft and massage his ass and I thought my own member was going to explode from the excitement.

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