John's pov.

The face he made, when i agreed to go to Mary broke my heart,but he was so goddamn persistent that i couldn't do anything but agree to meet her and if she wanted than we can bring her back.

At some point i did love Mary how could i not,she was the best girl i met after i got out of the service,she was brave and became my wife agaisnt her father's wishes.

We got married and we became parents of the two most wonderful and brave boys.

But i was serious when i told him,that i wanted him and not her,but part of me wanted to see her and talk to her,i just hope im doing the right decision.

After Balthazar zap us both to this amazing looking garden,it was beautiful surrounded by roses,tulips and orchids,a nice bench in the middle of infront of a lake,on that bench there was this beautiful blond woman wearing a pretty white sun dress..

She sense us and turn to look at us,making her smile wider when she recognised me.

Balthazar stiffen next to me when she got up and walked towards us,without a second thought she threw her arms around my neck and hug me tightly,in instinct i wrapped my arms around her waist,i couldn't but notice how Mary was too short and too skinny and didn't fit in my arms,i was scared to break her small body.

''John''.She whispered in my ear,i turn to see Balthazar who was staring at me with a sad smile.

''Why are you here?''.Mary asked me,i hesitated but than answer,i was never one to beat around the bush.

''I wanted to ask you,would you like to live?.Do you want us to bring you back?''.I asked while pointing at myself and the Angel next to me.

Mary chuckled and shook her head.''John,we cant do that''.She said shaking her head in amusement.

''Mary i was dead but Sam's boyfriend brought me back''.I explained and she looked thoughtful for a while.

''I do want to see the boys''.She sounded so sad and it was breaking my heart,she never got to see Sam said his firsts words,his first foot steps,first hunting trip and first girlfriend.She missed alot.

''Wish my command''.Balthazar snap her fingers loudly and all of the sudden this bright light came to us and i blacked out.

Hours later i woke up back at Bobby's and as got up fast and looked around,i heard voices and saw Mary,Dean and Sam talking and hugging each other,i walk pass them looking for one person in particular.

''Dad you brought her back''.Dean stated coming to me to hug me tightly while whispering thank you.

''Balthazar did,and now i need to talk to him have you seen him?''.I asked desperately.

''Dad,are crazy mom is back and you ask about Balthazar''?.Dean said annoyed.

I stayed quiet for a few minutes and than sighed.

''Mary,come on let's talk''.She nodded while grabbing my outstreched hand that i was offering  for her to take.

We went outside and we stayed quiet,i had already made my decision and i hope noone hates me for it.

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