John's pov.

''Im sorry Mary,i still care for you but im in love with someone else''.I said and she smile at me.

''I know,i could tell by the way you were staring at him,and you kept saying his name while you  were sleeping''.She told me and i blushed wow i feel like a high school girl.

''Sorry Mary''.I apologized again.

''Don't apologized,you can't help who you love''.She was so understanding and part of me hated myself for doing this to her but like she said you can't help who you love.

We talk for a while,made some jokes and talk about what we can both do.

I was going to try and get Balthazar and Mary was going to start her life again,she was going to stay here and look for a job since she didn't want to hunt anymore,she wanted a normal life,and that made me rspect her for more,she didnt want that life for her or her kids and i blamed her for that.

I felt terrible and told her i was sorry for resenting her for that,she shrugged it off saying she felt the same way towards her parents.

We went inside and Dean's eyes lit up,i once again felt like a dissapointment to him,out of my two boys Dean has always been the sensitive one,he always want to keep the family together no matter what and always try to stop me and Sam from fighting.

''So what's going on?''.He waggled his eyebrows up and down in a suggestive matter,i frowned and Sam groaned.

''Dude,you realize that's mom and dad you talking about right?''.Sam pointed out looking sick,and Dean stop the eybrow waggling and face palmed himself.

''Ew''.He shouted and i clear my throat.

''Excuse me?''.He turn to look at me and his face turn red.

''No offense dad,but i do not want know you and mom have .s.e.x let alone commenting on youre junk''.He shivered and shut his eyes tightly,to clean his head out of anything sex related and his parents.

''Dean,they had sex we are proof of that''.Sam chuckled at Dean's disgusted face.

''Sam,stop you dont put parents and sex in the same sentence,i swear one more comment and im gutting someone''.Dean took out his hunting killing demon knife and eyed Crowley like he wanted him to say something,Sam's boyfriend was smart and just rolled his eyes but didn't say anything.

However there was one person who wasn't smart or had a death wish.

''Dean,sexual relations are a very natural and loving act between a man and a wife,or in our case man and a man,so youre parents commited a beautiful act and had you and Sam in the process''.Castiel spoke with so much knowledge and we all turn to see what Dean would do,we waited and waited,but Dean just stared at him with nothing but love in his eyes and a small smile playing on his lips.

''You got to be kidding me!''.Crowley snap pissed.

''Im not hurting my Angel,you on the other hand''.Dean scoffed at Crowley while walking towards Castiel and engulf him in a tight bone crushing hug.

''Ok enough about our sex life,what me and youre mom wanted to tell you is well,is well''.I faultered in my speech,my god this was hard,and they are man,old enough to be in a sexual relationship with their boyfriends,i should know i hear them at night even if i dont want to they are loud,but this was hard to,how do you tell youre sons that you decided not to get back with their mom,when i spent half my life avenging her dead.

''Dean,Sam me and youre father decided to go seperate ways''.Mary said in her motherly voice.

''Dad?''.Dean looked me in the eye as if searching for an answer and by the rage in his face i think he found it.

''Unfreakingbelievable!''.He growled at me.

''Your leaving mom,for that asshole''.He seethed at me getting right on my face as i stood frozen on the spot.

''Sorry Dean,Sam''.I spoke quietly and Sam just nodded looking toughtful.

''Whatever,come on Castiel lets go''.Dean grabbed Castiel's hand but Castiel didnt move he kept staring at me with hope in his eyes.

''Are you really choosing my brother?''.He asked me.

''Yes,i realize that i kind of love him''.In truth i did really love him.

Castiel pull away from Dean's hold and throw himself at me catching me off balance and making us both fell onto the floor.

I groaned and Castiel smile sheepishly at me since he was on top and i broke his fall.

''Cass,what the hell are you doing?''.Dean spoke up with a stern tone,looking like a dad scolding his son.

''Im sorry Dean but im happy,your dad is choosing my brother so im happy,im sorry for your mom but im happy because Balthazar is suffering and i want it to stop''.Castieel's words rang in my ear,he's hurting for me?.

''Castiel,would you take me to him''.I pleaded and he nodded with a small smile on his lips.

''But not before this''.He said that and when and touch Dean and zapped him somewhere making him dissapear,i saw all of Dean's weapons he was carrying on him fall on to the ground.

''Why would he carry a grenade?''.Sam asked as he pick it up.

We all looked thoughtful for a minute,how the hell did Dean walked with a machete on him?.That was a mystery to all of us.I notice how Mary and Bobby were to the side talking,Mary had a small smile on her lips and i couldnt help to notice how Bobby had a hand sitting lightly on Mary's small shoulder while a smile that i have never seen before was on Bobby's lips.

''Where you send him Cass?''.Sam asked Castiel and the Angel lloked at us while biting his lower lip.

''I need him and Balthazar to start getting along,so i zapped him and my brother to a place where neither can get out''.He said and i smile thanking him with my eyes.

''The panic room''.Sam said and Castiel nodded in agrement.

We smile and went about our day,but the wait was killing me,i wanted to see how they were doing and hoping and praying that they didnt kill each other,seeing as i love both of them.

''John me and Mary decided if its ok with you that is''.Bobby started to say but i smile at them and waved my hands.

''Couldn't think of anyone else for Mary so you both got my approval''.I chided.

''My god Bobby actually become my dad,that's just wow''.Sam chuckled hugging Bobby and Mary and congratulating them.

''Now we'll see how Dean takes it''.Sam said amusement dripping from his words as Bobby groaned.

''I swear that boy will be the death of us all''.We laugh to Bobby's words.

And as i look around i saw a family that instead of being angry we found comfort in each other,and now to wait for my son and my soon to be Angel to work out their problems.

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