Balthazar's pov.

''Come on love shake that a~''.As i was screaming and making whistle noises,i turn around and spotted a very familiar room,couldnt help but shiver a bit thinking John might be here,but no he's with the wife,so than why the hell am i here?,I was going to begin yelling for someone when another person zap into the room,from behind i thought it was John but when he turn to face me,i threw up in my mouth.

''Goddamn it Cass,im going to kick that pretty hot ass,when i get out of here''.Dean shouted out the ceiling.

''I think i just threw up in my mouth''.I spoke and than face him to say,''Again''.He rolled his eyes at me and i sighed.

''Why are WE here,Dean?''.I asked him, rubbing my temples in circles,i didnt get headaches i just find it soothing doing this.

''Dad and his weird choices''.He mumble plopping his ass on the small bed.

''And i thought pm~sing was just for woman,well i guess you qualified seeing as you are pretty,which brings me to this,how come youre top?,Castiel seems more fitting''.I grinned when his face filled with anger.

''Why dont just shut up!,I mean god do you even know how much i hate you?,You always ruining everything for me!''..He shouted at me with rage.

I just rolled my eyes at how ridicoulus he was being.

''What i do today,Mr Drama Queen?''.He stop ranting and stared at me.

''First you stole a kid's soul''.He put down one finger as if counting the offenses,i rolled my eyes at him once again and thought man i need to stop or one of this days my eyes will stay inside my head.

''I bought it,bought his soul remember''.I justified my actions,yes i knew it was wrong but hey im damage.

''You are a freaking Angel,youre suppost to be good specially to kids,And what about the Titanic huh?.I thought did good.

''Hey i saved people,i prevented it from sinking,i deserved a bloody gold star''.I demanded and he rolled his eyes.

I shiver even thinking about that awful movie,ugh and who can forget about Celine Dion and her awful screeching voice,i still want to smite myself just thinking about that god awful experienced.

''What the hell is wrong with you,what kind of Angel are you?.I stared at him and just spoke slowly so the dumb hick can understand me.

''Sorry you got me confused with the other Angel,you know the one who's been inlove with you ever since he raised youre pathetic ass out of hell,the one with the ugly and dirty trenchcoat''.I shiver when i said love and Dean in the same sentence eww.

''You know for you being top,you have that huge stick up youre a~''.He made a disgusted face.

''Dont finish that sentence you dickhead''.He said and shut his eyes tightly.

I hated Dean i really did,why i have no idea.

''Question,why do we hate each other?''.I asked him puzzled.

''You are a dick and selfish''.He paused for a bit and than continue.

''And i asked you for help to save Lisa and Ben and you blew me off''.He narrow his eyes at me and i try to concentrate about what the hell he was talking about.

''Im sorry,i have no idea who is Ben and Lisa'''.I shrugged.

''Oh you are such an asshole''!.Dean exclaimed.

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