Balthazar's pov.

I zap my ass inside Castiel's and Dean's bedroom,they were too busy to noticed me and i smirked at the sight infront of me,who would've thought Castiel could bend that way?,Not me thats for sure.

''Wow can all Angels do that?,Or just you brother''?..Dean got off Castiel and glared at me,Castiel just stared at me in shock.

''What are you doing here?''.Dean growled at me.

''Alright time for the Angels to talk''.I touch Dean and dissapeared him,than i turn towards Castiel who was already dressed and standing up looking at the spot where Dean was standing seconds ago.

''Get.It.Out''.I said in a i hissed slowly at Castiel.

''You need it''.He argue and that just made me laugh.

''No offense brother but how would you know what i need''?.Im the only one that knows what i need''.I snarled at him.

''Where you send Dean''?.And there it is again,we are talking about me and his mind goes towards Dean i scoffed at him and turn away from him.

''Who gives a shit about the fucking hillbilly,Castiel take it out now''.My voice sounded strong and loud.

He just shook his head no at me and i glared at him,he knew what a concious does to angels and yet he put in,we couldnt take it out ourselves it has to be the one that put it there,which brings me to my next question.

''How did you manage to put it there in the first place''.I asked him and he blushed.

''When you were playing with youre self,i was there a lil longer than you thought,it turns out that when you're thinking about John and sex you dont know what happends around you or on you well in this case IN you,making it easy for me to do it''.He explained and i just grumble in response.

''So what now,you take it out if i agree to what let John fuck me''.I stated and he raised an eyebrow at me as if saying 'did you really just say that'.

''Well that sounds like a great idea''.He chided and i roll my eyes at him,but than i thought maybe just maybe if i let John do me once we can both move on,it's just sex as if i had never done it before,the only difference is this will be the first time it be with a man.

So what if its a man right?.I mean we'll both realize afterwards that it was only an itch that we had to scratch and after, we can both go our seperate way and we wouldn't have to be so hung on each other.

''Ok,one night of steamy sex with John,but afterwards no matter what we decide you take it out,deal''.I asked him while holding my hand so he can shake it.

''Ok deal,now bring Dean back so we can start the planning''.I snorted at how this all sounded like so bussiness like.

I zap my fingers and Dean appeared trying to fight something off him,he looked around for a couple of minutes than realized he was back with us.

''Did you really have to send me to a fucking club full of trasvesties and crossdressers?''.He glared at me and i smirked.

''Dont act like you didnt like it''.I mused and he growled at me.

''You're such a dick''.He snapped at me and i laugh at his idiotics insults.

''Ok,bussiness time now go get youre daddy so he can screw my brains out,the quicker he does,the quicker you assholes take this shit out of me''.I drawl and Dean made a face of disgust after i finish.

''So youre just going to used my dad,for a quickie?''.I raised an eyebrow.

''Oh no Dean my boy,i can go all night long and im pretty sure so can you're daddy''.I grinned at his face.

''Hey if this works the way Castiel is hoping to,you be calling me daddy you know that right''.Dean went pale and turn to Castiel who was gone one second and back the next with John.

''Damn Angels and their weird transportation''.He said sounding tired.

''Oh,whats going on?''.He ask while looking at me,i frowned he look like shit since the last time i saw him.

''John you and my brother are to have sexual relations''.Castiel explain to him and i rolled my eyes,leave it to my brother to make it sound so impersonal.

''What?''.He ask softly.

''Come Johnny boy followed me and i'll explain''.I zap us into his old room and i be lying if i said i didnt get hard just thinking about me and John in a room with a bed.

I was excited and hard and i was cursing Castiel for this,because we both knew that by the end of this my life will change and i was scared,nervous and panicking.

''Ok w~''.I started saying when he interrupted me by crashing his lips on mine slipping his tongue caressing mine in a slow motion making me moan.

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