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just a bunch of imagines that can make you laugh and cry (maybe smut?) supernatural // fanfiction
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Supernatural: From Eden(Gabriel Fanfic) by SapphireStarBelle
Supernatural: From Eden(Gabriel SapphireStarBelle
When the Archangel Gabriel confides in the youngest Winchester, Angelica, he finds a peace he hadn't felt since he escaped from Heaven. But when the Apocalypse begins, t...
  • supernatural
  • archangel
  • winchester
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Supernatural Preferences by arrowofflowers
Supernatural Preferencesby arrowofflowers
Read the title. Includes; Dean, Sam, Castiel, Kevin, Charlie, Gabriel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Crowley, Meg, and Jess. All of them have no relation to each other unless labe...
  • dean
  • jess
  • gabriel
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Supernatural Imagines by AvengingSupernatural
Supernatural Imaginesby Still A Piece Of Garbage
Just some Supernatural Imagines. I don't own anything to do with Supernatural. But I have written all these myself, but feel free to request stuff! DISCLAIMER: THERE IS...
  • lucifer
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  • oneshots
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Supernatural imagines by gbow1999
Supernatural imaginesby Gbow1999
Imagines about our favorite characters in supernatural. Dean Sam Castiel More
  • supernaturalimagines
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  • supernatural
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Beauty of the Beast by ih8nuts
Beauty of the Beastby ih8nuts
Sadie Kingston, a shy, quiet, noble, soft-hearted soul stuck within the shifter world. A human amongst a people governed entirely by their animal instincts. This sweet...
  • balthazar
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
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Supernatural Sickfic Oneshots by bbgirl18
Supernatural Sickfic Oneshotsby bbgirl18
I've decided that i am going to write some stories about our favorite boys from Supernatural... and how they deal with the non-supernatural illnesses.
  • cole
  • fanfiction
  • supernatural
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Supernatural Preferences by okaykidforever
Supernatural Preferencesby Jasmine
Preferences for your favorite characters from the tv show Supernatural. Characters include: Dean Sam Castiel Gabriel Lucifer Crowley Balthazar Feel free to comment an i...
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supernatural talks by thecainofficial
supernatural talksby ♡𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓁𝑔𝓊𝓃𝒹♡
Zbiór tworzonych, tłumaczonych przeze mnie i podsyłanych przez was talksów o najróżniejszej tematyce z serialu Supernatural :) Staram się publikować części codziennie.
  • castiel
  • spn
  • winchesters
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Trouble With The Trickster || Gabriel - Supernatural by FearTheWinterSoldier
Trouble With The Trickster || Meh
The child of Darkness and Light is a deadly threat to both - can it prove to be better than them all? ©FearTheWinterSoldier 2016
  • supernatural
  • gabriel
  • bobbysinger
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Lucifer Chronicles by aldheim
Lucifer Chroniclesby aldheim
The end is nigh. Lucifer has possessed Sam, and taken Erin hostage. While Ariel, Dean, and Castiel scramble to find all the pieces to put Lucifer away for good, Lucifer...
  • kiss
  • apocalypse
  • soulmates
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Supernatural Oneshots by Severass-Snape-Addi
Supernatural Oneshotsby Always, Addi
Reader X Castiel * Reader X Crowley * Reader X Dean * Reader X Kevin * Reader X Gabriel* Reader X Sam* Reader X Balthazar* Reader X Lucifer * Castiel X Dean * Gabriel X...
  • sam
  • english
  • castiel
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Supernatural Imagines  by CBloodmarch
Supernatural Imagines by CBloodmarch
The title says it all. This book features imagines of the characters from supernatural.
  • dean
  • jack
  • imagines
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Pamiętniki Winchesterów by NatalyaCorvus
Pamiętniki Winchesterówby NatalyaCorvus
Zwykle historie miłosne ślubem się kończą - ta ślubem się zaczyna. Po wielu, wielu latach Dean i Castiel wreszcie są razem, Pan Bóg we własnej osobie wpada na niedzielne...
  • sam
  • donna
  • rowena
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Supernatural Imagines by TooShyTooCry
Supernatural Imaginesby BookEnthusiast
Some different imagines about the characters of Supernatural. If you have a request, let me know. I don't own Supernatural or it's characters. It belongs to the CW. *com...
  • castiel
  • balthazar
  • crowley
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Me and my friends in Supernatural by MaddieWinchester22
Me and my friends in Supernaturalby Maddie Winchester
I am teleported into the world of SPN with my friends Katrina, Kimberley and Jenna. My name is Shaelyn Wright and I watch WAAYY too much SPN according to my mom, so inst...
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Djinn (A Destiel Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Djinn (A Destiel Fanfic)by KittyHazelnut
In here, Castiel is loved. Out there, Castiel is expendable. So why would he ever leave?
  • destiel
  • trickster
  • castiel
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Supernatural Preferences by MidSummersNightScent
Supernatural Preferencesby MidSummersNightScent
Supernatural Preferences including Hunters, Angels and Crowley. I take requests just ask, lemme know if there's another character you think I should add. Follow, Vot...
  • sam
  • gabriel
  • supernatural
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Supernatural Imagines & Preferences by CydneyJardine
Supernatural Imagines & Preferencesby Cydney Jardine
Here's another collection of imagines and preferences for the people who love Supernatural :) Feel free to drop requests etc.
  • imagines
  • crowley
  • castiel
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SupernaturalXReader by D3vilsR3j3ct
SupernaturalXReaderby MariaGreenTea
A bunch of supernatural one shots including Castiel Sam Dean Kevin Crowley Balthazar Gabriel Lucifer Mostly fluff but I am open to any requests so please like, favorit...
  • supernatural
  • cute
  • love
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