Balthazar's pov.

I got up from the bed after John fall asleep,this was so sureal me laying in bed with a human/man,after we tongue wrestle for a while,i blushed when i remember he almost took my pants off but i stop him 'Im not ready for that' I had told him and he just smile and he just continue kissing me and making me to want to regret me stoping him.

I put my shirt back on and went outside John's bedroom,i was so out of it that i forgot to zap,so i just used the door like a normal human,jeez just by saying those words almost make me puke,i was so in my thoughts that i didnt see til it was too late and bump into the younger Winchesters,'You're stepsons' a little voice said in my head and i winced.

''Ok at the risk of being traumatized,what the hell were you doing in dad's room?''.Dean asked first looking suspicious.

Sam just nodded at me,with a different face expression unlike the cocky son of a bitch standing next to him giving me a killer glared.

''I tuck him in,you know like a baby''.I grinned as i answer them.

Sam just chuckled and Dean scoffed,than behold the lovers came to join our lovely conversation that i was getting tired of having with these morons.

''Ok,well are we done here?,Got a bottled of Jack waiting to be popped open''.I said sounding excited.

''Stay.Away.From.My.Dad,got it?''.Dean spoke slowly as if he was talking to a child and i was about to retailate when some one spoke up behind me.

''Dean stop,you dont get a say on who im with and right now i want to be with him''.John said while pointing at me making my face light up red like a fucking red light.

''So now you're together?,Like a couple?,I think im going to be sick''.Dean rubbed his stomach and actually looked pale.

''Huh like father like son,screwing Angels''.The awful demon spoke and Dean glared at him as the same time as me.

''Shut Youre demon Sam''.Dean growled.

''Ok well i um dad congrats i guess''.Sam sounded uncertain and i got annoyed.

''Ok are we forgetting me?''.I sneered at the idiots infront of me.

''I have a say in this,and my say is im not interested''.I said looking straight at John who frowned deeply.

''What''?.He question me with a desperate look on his face.

I stared at him and i did,i really did wanted to give it a chance but i was scared,i wanted this to go back to the way my life was ever since god our father left us to defend ourselves,drinking and partying and not let anyone in,i wanted to be alone and that way i wouldnt get hurt if someone would walk away from me,John could cause me alot of harm and i'll be damned if i let it happend.

''Sorry bloke,but i dont swing that way''.I manage to say without whimpering like i wanted when i said that to him and saw the face expression he got on his face when i said it.

''That's not what you where saying earlier in my room''.He mumble and i raised an eyebrow at him.

''You stuck you're tongue down my throat before i could speak so now im telling you,Im.Not.Interested''.I drawl and smirked at him than zap my ass out of there and out to my junk car where i had my good friend Jack waiting to go down my throat.

''Well i never thought i see you sunk as low as Castiel Balthazar''.I groan at that horrific voice and turn to face my good for nothing traitor brother.

''Ugh what the hell do you want Raphael?''.I scrunched up my nose in distaste.

''One more chance for you to give up and joined me''.He grinned at me when i was taking a sip of my bottle.

''Nice of you but,i think im going to stick with Castiel''.He growled at me and i smile amuse.

''Dear brother,i didnt know Angels could growl''.I giggle.

He came at me and i grinned widelyi jump up and Beard hillbilly junk man,came out of nowhere and light up a match trapping my brother in the circle of oil,now see why it was my favorite car,we had formed the circle there because we knew he tried to come after me,we just didnt know when.

''Let me out now!''.He shriek and i smile at him.

''The circle wont stay lit for long Balthazar''.He stated and i pointed out junk man spilling more oil from a hose that was hooked up to a big container and lit up more.

''Killing Angels now Bobby?''.He snarl at junk man and i was like who's Bobby huh junk man has a name.

''Well when is as ugly as you yeah i'll kill them,you dumb ass go get the rest so we can get this over with''.I snort at him and zap my ass into the house.

''Yo losers,Raphael is in the circle,Sammy boy get you're demon bitch to finish the deed''.They all came out running out the door and i stayed behind to go grab another bottle.

''You couldn't have meant what you said earlier''.John mumble standing by the door.

''Yes,yes i did, well this has been great but im going,please make sure they kill my brother right,well see ya wouldnt wanna be ya!''.And zap my ass out of there and back to my place.

Feeling sad and almost regretting leaving John like that.

But i just couldn't not when i worked so hard to get to where iam.

Sorry John but you'll get over it soon.

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