Balthazar's pov.

''Ok so sasquatch here have a 'panic' room anti Angel and Demons,and im now just finding this out why?''.I swear this humans are so freaking stupid!.

''Yeah i do,what are you suggesting put Angel on a rampage in that room and than what?, Leave him there?''.Beard boy snorted at my idea.

''Ah yeah''.I said in a duh tone.

''Forgetting i live here''.He argue.

''Believe me NO ONE can forget that!''.I exclaimed waving my hands around the mostrosity he calls home,he narrow his eyes and than turn to Winchester Senior.

''Deal with this idjit''.He growled and went to his liquor cabinet.

He grab one bottle after the other and they were all empty,he turn around slowly with hatred driping from his sockets.I smile innocently at him and he threw himself at me.

''Im going to kill you!''.He snarl at me but Mr Winchester caught him .

''Well what did you expect?,Im an Angel and get bored easyli,i need something to keep me entertain''.I drawl looking away from him.

''So do what the others are doing,go find you something to screw!''.He was pissed and that made me laugh even more.

''Bobby calm down,me and Angel boy here will go and restock youre cabinet,come on follow me''.Mr Winchester told me while walking upstairs.

We made it to a door and realize it was Castiel's and Dean's,he knocked and i heard a lot of whispers and a thump as if someone fell off the bed,i raised an eyebrow at a disgruntled Dean with a blanket wrap around his bottom part.

''You know,you hump like bunnies''.I piped and he just ignored me and turn to his dad.

''What's up dad?''.I scoff at him for ignoring me.

''Give me you're keys,me and Angel boy are going on a beer round''.He stretched his hand towards Dean and he made a face.

''Great first a freaking Demon and now an asshole Angel in my baby''.I rolled my eyes at his statement,i swear this boy would have sex with his car if he could,or maybe he already did,i gasps and widen my eyes at both man infront of me.

''You don't know how much i hate you''.Dean grumble and i just shrugged my shoulders.

''Probably as much as i hate you,i mean i really really want to just kill you''.My respond shocked Dean's dad but not him.

''Yeah well get in line''.Man this boy is as sarcastic as they come.

''Ok knock it off you two''.Mr Winchester spoke up braking our glaring contest.

''Let's just zap there shall we''.I huff while crossing my arms across my chest.

''Um ok''.Mr Winchester reply slowly.

''Hey you better take care of my dad''.Dean threaten.

''Of course,i only want to kill you i like Mr Winchester''.I pointed out.

''John''.Mr Winchester murmur.

''What?''.I ask.

''My name is John, you don't have to call me Mr Winchester''.I raised an eyebrow at him but than just nodded and Dean scoffed.

''You can call me Mr Winchester''.Dean suggested and i laugh humorless.

''I would but i dont respect you so no''.He glared one more time at me than said goodnight to his dad and shut the door but not before i stuck my foot in between so i block the door.

''Take it easy on my brother,he sounds like someone is gutting him''.I grinned at the vicious glared he gave me before shoving me and shutting the door on me.

''So Johnny boy,shall we''.And before he could answer,i touch his shoulder and blur into the back of the liquor store,we grab a shit load of big Cuervo and many many more than i zap us back home in the living room.

John just stare there for a minute before he could actually blinked.

I grinned at him and spoke.''Thank you for riding in Angel's wings have a wonderful day''.I drawl than grab three bottles and zap myself out on the top of the junk car and popped a bottled open and started chugging it,the thing about Angels is we dont get drunk just buzz.

And that really suck big time,uh like Castiel is doing right now with Dean.

And that put me under a depressing dreadful mood,but why?.I don't want to have what Dean and Castiel or Sam and Crowley have,im happy how im living,than why am i still thinking about his chuckles,his voice and those eyes dear god i can get lost in those eyes for eternity,i couldnt help but think that i die a happy Angel if those were the last eyes i see before my last breath,and im now desperate for this good for nothing humans to hurry up and find a way to get rid of Raphael so that i can go away and never see that one person that woke up this romantic and pathetic side of me.

Hi my name is Balthazar and i becoma sappy,ew!

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