Chapter 12

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                                                             Balthazar's pov.

I woke and try to move,but winced at the invasion i felt,than everything came back to me,having a concious,making a deal with Castiel,said deal was me having sex with John to prove it was just a physical attraction nothing much,which ended up down here in a room made for anti angels/demons and it traps me here,til they decide to let me out.

I move away from John wincing as his already hard member slip out of my sore hole,i put my jeans back on not bothering to put underwear and shirt,went to the table that was sitting by the corner of the room,spotted some alcohol and went to open it and just chugg it.

What was i suppost to do now?.The way i see it is i had two options.

Option 1~ was accept this and stay with John til he got tired of me and just walked out of my life, like everyone does.

Option 2~Was denied i felt something for John and make Castiel take my concious out and go away from here,from Castiel and from John.

Option 2 seemed like my way,but for some reason even thinking about it hurt me,it hurt thinking about being away from John and i was doomed because i was starting to fall for him or was already head over heels with him.

''Done contemplating youre options''.The sleepy sexy voice spoke.

''What?''.I asked and he chuckle sleepyli.

''You look deep in thought so,either you were thinking on how to let me down easyli or how to deal with you're feelings for me''.He stated and i just stared at him,he knew me so well.

''Im not sure what to do here''.I admitted to him and he look thoughtful for a few minutes,he than got up off the bed and slid into his jeans same as me,he came up to me and with his knuckles he caress my side of the face,i shut my eyes and lean in his touch.

I didnt realize i was shaking til he stop his sweet caress.

''This is what we are going to do''.He spoke sweetly and softly while looking at me with some thing in his eyes that i never seen before,i seen lust,pity,hatred,pain,fear,annoyed and anger but never this look so i was confused as to what this look meant.

''What?''.I ask in a whispered staring at him,my throat was dry.

''We going to get out of here,we are going to spend the day together no supernatural stuff,no you're an Angel and im a human/hunter just two man getting to know each other and if by the end of the day you still feel uncertain or confused or you just plain and simple decide to not be with me,not give us a try than you can go and i'll try to move on''.He smiled sadly at me and i stared at him for who knows how long.

I sighed what the hell right,live for the day and at the end of it me and him will see how screw up iam and he'll run for the hills.

''What the hell''.I exclaimed and he smiled brightly at me,he went and grab his cell.

''Hey Bobby can you let us out the panic room''.He ask this Bobby person and a bit of jealousy started to make its way out of me but i beat it down.

''Yes,yes no i wont tell you how,jesus Bobby if i didnt know any better i say you want to bang an Angel''.He said and i raised an eyebrow.

He turn to look at me and chuckled again and there was a glint in his green eyes.

I heard the door being unlocked and he roll his eyes as he ended the call.

The junk loving guy was standing there with an annoyed look and i smile widely.I quickly knew he was the one on the cellphone with John.

''You know there's a bloke who will fuck just about anything if youre interested,he's a lower range Angel but Angel none the less''.He scoffed and John laugh softly,he grab my hand and we went upstairs and into the kitchen to find Sam,Crowley , Dean and Castiel.

''So how did it go''?.Sam asked blushing and i arched my one eybrow up in questioning.

''It went good,you're dad is good in the sack''.I sighed blissfully clutching my heart in a 'im in love' way making Sam looking away embarrased.

''Dear god couldn't you guys at least wear shirts''.Dean said with a disgusted look on his face,oh this was going to be the high light of my day.

''Now Dean my boy,is this any way of talking to youre new daddy''.He choked on what he was eating and stood up glaring at me.

''Dad,i dont care that you want to be with a guy,i mean hell me and Sam are with guys,but does it really have to be this sarcastic dick  and an asshole?''.He sneered at me and i of course wink at him.

''Dean,just ignored him and yes it has to be him,so please just try and get along son''.He pleaded to his son and Sam got up and hug his dad.

''Im happy if you're happy dad''.He told John Dean stared at them and rolling his eyes at the display,than it hit me Dean and i were so much alike we are rude,assholes,dickheads,wanting the approval from daddy dearest,douchebags and we both love Castiel,me in a 'brother way' and Dean in a 'let me tied you up and make you come a couple of times while moaning my name way'.

But all in all we are both the same way,and it made me sick to my stomach to realize i was like the one annoying person i hated and couldnt kill.

And i shudder and groaned out loud making everyone turn to look at me.

I looked away and avoided Castiel's worried look.

''Well,me and my Angel are going to change and we are spending the day together so dont call me unless one of you is dying and if its a hunting gig,any of you can take care of it''.John spoke in his fatherly stern voice and i was amazed at how turn on i was getting,man  did i have big time daddy issues.

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