Balthazar's pov.

We were currently sitting in what i assume they call kitchen,the old grease beard man kept glaring at me and i smile at him,he was probably still sour about me drinking all his booze ah man and here i thought me and him can be buddies ah shucks.

I rolled my eyes at him and i heard that damn chuckle again,i turn to look at everyone in the room to avoid him but to my distaste found the one person i detest more than Dean Winchester and that was  Crowley i hate this freaking demon as much as i hate well  Dean or maybe even more since he's responsible for Castiel's actions when they open purgatory.

''You keep looking at me like that and i might get horny''.He teased.

''Sorry bloke but by the sounds you make when youre with Sam,i already know im too much for you,you squeal like a girl,oh and i really,really,really want to kill you and send you to heaven so that they can torment you''.I announce making Dean grinned and that threw me off.

''Well at least we got something in common''.Dean chided.

''Dont.Ever.Say.That''.I spoke slowly making a disgusted face.

''Oh dont worry i still hate you''.He said.

''Thank you for those comforting words,now Crowley please stay at least 500 feet away from me and we'll be ok,alright you second handed good for nothing demon''.He glare at me and started to make his way at me when Sam step in and grab him by the waist and that made me laugh.

''My god Sam i didnt know you like short people,is it because he doesn't have to get on his knees to suck you?.Is a dominant thing,Little demon likes it rough?.I kept shooting insult after insult til Crowley came at me shoving Sam to the side.

''You son of a bitch!''.He growled at me but i zap to the other side of the room next to John who was looking at me amused.

''Crow go upstairs and wait for me''.Sam shout at a pissed off Crowley.

''Now!''.He yell again and Crowley stiffen and than blur upstairs i believe.

''Listen to me,Crowley is here for me,so stop being an asshole to him and quit trying to pick fights with him''.He was saying than we all heard a big thump like someone punching the wall.

Sam sighed and started walking towards the upstairs.

''Got to go,i got a demon i have  to make happy''.He walked away and i grinned at him and than again that chuckle that makes me forget how to breath,how to talk and how to be myself.

''What the hell is wrong with you?''.Dean ask me and i stiffen, i guess i cant hide my emotions like i thought i could.

''Oh are we best friends now?.Oh my god are we going to do each others hair and skip to the rainbow''.I kept shooting sarcastic comments after the other and Dean scoffed and Castiel sigh,Greasy beard man just spoke a bunch of profanities at me and John had amusement written all over his face,i just grinned at him at least someone has a good sense of humor.

''So please tell me you got something to get rid of Raphael so that i can get out of this boring unkown dimension''.I drawl slowly.

''Well since Angels can be killed by that special knife you guys carry,we thought that maybe we make a plan where we trapped him in a oil circle and one of you,well you Balthazar step in it and stab him''.Dean explain and i glared at him.

''As if i step in a circle,so what when i kill Raphael than you turn around and kill me''.Yeah,fat chance asshole.

''No!''.Castiel's and John's voice boomed through out the house.

''Brother,i wont let Dean harm you''.Castiel said and i believe him.

''I won't either call me stupid but i trust you and Castiel''.John spoke up and i smile at him.

Wait what?.I smiled at him and it was a real smile,man i got daddy issues,abandoment issues and all that shit.

''Yeah well can't blamed me for trying''.Dean mumble getting closer to Castiel.

''Dean,quit being a dick''.Sam spoke from up the stairs standing with a peeved Crowley.

''Someone got lucky''.I said and winked at them.

''So since the oil dont harm demons,i'll do it''.Crowley offer.

''Well not the same but at least one of them huh''.Dean said smiling at Sam who rolled his eyes.

''You're a dick''.He murmur hugging Crowley to him.

''You know,im often finding myself wondering how good are you really Sammy boy,i mean you converted a demon,after all this is done you think maybe''.I didn't even get to finish my sentence when Crowley jump from the top of the stairs all the way down to infront of me,where he was met with Castiel who stood infront of me protecting me and John beside him.

''Just back off!''.Crowley spoke with anger going back to Sam who just sighed annoyed.

''Come on Angel boy me and you are going somewhere else,where you can't get on anyone's nerves''.Dean looked at John as if he had gone mental and i just lifted and eyebrow at John,has he gone mental?.

''Alright Johnny boy i'll play,let's go''.I touch him and we zap to my own personal heaven.

Shivers running down my spine,for being so close to this man who's chuckle's make me weak at the knees.

Dear god im falling for a human and not only that,the father of the boys i hate,John Winchester.

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