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FELIX averted his gaze from his nosy friends who pestered him about his experience yesterday. They kept on asking personal questions Felix had no answer to, but he tried to assume the guy was just chill and wanted to be secretive.

"Secretive? He's like popular to the core. Plus, he's rich. That's a bonus. There's no way that guy would be secretive."

Felix shrugged. Okay, maybe he wasn't secretive, but having annoying kids follow you all day can become tiring. Felix never knew what it felt like because he never really was popular. He didn't have a thing for becoming popular either. Yet, with his violin skills, he earned a few popularity points, as the kids in his school call it. However, he was nowhere near to that guy's level or Jeon Jeongguk, the widely known jock in school. He was known for being a great singer and super strong, a bonus for looking hot, too. Felix didn't envy him, though. He knew his place and he wished to keep it. He'd rather get popularity for being good at something instead of looks or wealth. Felix looked back at his friends, his eyes automatically going to the clock right after. He knew this was the time that guy from earlier would start playing piano, so he started packing his things.

"What are you doing?" one of his friends asked, concerned since the time wasn't even close to dismissal.

Felix shrugged, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. He excused himself to the bathroom, the teacher approving since he was a nice kid and he could trust him. Felix ran down the stairs to the music room, pretending to blend in with the walls. There it was. That sound. The piano. Felix smiled and closed his eyes, sitting down. He leaned his head against the wall and listened, falling into a deep trance.


© euph_oria

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