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Hello everyone!

It's about time I made an Author's Note about what I'm thinking.

I haven't verified my e-mail yet due to laziness, so if you do talk to me on the Conversation Board or something, and I don't answer, don't feel bad.

Just know that I do see them and you are noticed.

Anyways, aside from that, I have two things to say.

Or more.

I really have (kind of) a lot to say, so sit tight.


1). I've been having many creative ideas in my head, which is pretty common. I'm thinking of making a new book, but the book isn't definite. I'm still very dedicated to 'harmony', so I'll hold that idea for a little while until 'harmony' reaches an end or fully ends. Any book ideas you'd like to see? Comment them! ^^

2). I open up Wattpad, click on my book, and holy water, I noticed that my book was #5 in #changbinxfelix and #8 in #straykidschangbin and so on. I am truly, truly, TRULY thankful for you all that have supported my story. I didn't realize it'd get more than 5 views within a day or two, so I'm really thankful. T R U L Y   T H A N K F U L !

3). '30 Days' is amazing. Check it out. Share it. Vote on it. It. Is. Legit.

4). I love you.


Okay, maybe those last two weren't truly considered as an announcement or anything, but I meant them.

'30 Days' is really good, though.

I haven't read it on my device, but I've checked it on -Unusually device because I have the authority to steal her phone within school premises.


Check it out.

Okay, that's all I wanted to say.

Further AN's like this will occur, but not all the time. Like...

Once in a while, I guess.

Yeah, okay, that's it.

Goodbye, everybody!

Stay healthy.

Don't drink and drive.

And remember to bring holy water with you ON ALL OCCASIONS.


© euph_oria

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