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A soothing melody. Harmonious keys. An enchanting rhythm. The loud, yet calming, piece was played by none other than Seo Chang-bin, widely known scholar with a talent regarding the piano. His skills were extraordinary as no other classmate of his even knew how to play the piano to his extent. To a professional, he was far more than talented or gifted. No, he was beyond that. He represented what many called a god. A musical god. He was out of this world.

His soothing pieces managed to maneuver its way into anyone's ear as they walked down the hallway, the individual falling into a deep trance as they listened closely. However, as magical as his power is, he denies the fact of being a skilled pianist at the age of 19. He knew he was at an average level compared to other pianists that were legends. To himself, he was nothing other but an average pianist. That was it.

Yet, his classmate, Lee Felix, disapproves. He had no experience with the piano as his only priority for now was his violin, but he knew that Chang-bin was... bizarre. He wasn't ordinary or average, he was special. That's the word Felix called him. Special. Chang-bin, as he always does, disapproved.

Due to this connection, Chang-bin and Felix eventually formed a friendship, yet it was silent. They never really communicated or discussed about anything in particular, so many people thought it wasn't even a friendship. Yet, to Felix, their friendship he cherished. He, despite the popularity he got with his violin skills, didn't have much interaction with his classmates. His shyness eventually led him to be lonely, but luckily Chang-bin was able to revive his social behavior. Because of this, their friendship was always cherished by Felix, whether it was one-sided or not.

And due to this friendship, Felix developed some feelings. Did Chang-bin develop some feelings as well, or is Felix's love one-sided?

Read on to find out! ^^


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