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CHANG-BIN scratched the top of his head, his hands slamming on the piano. He sighed loudly, knowing that he had committed a mistake. He knew that Woo-jin was truly a devil despite his exterior appearance being angelic. He knew he should've been there that day Woo-jin spoke to Felix.

Damn it.

The door creaked open, Felix's head peeking out. His face enlightened once seeing Chang-bin, his body rushing over to hug the older male. Chang-bin knew they had just met a week ago, but he suddenly felt as if he had a connection towards the younger. He thought if it was love, but it couldn't be. He never fell in love.

"You're quite enthusiastic. Did anything happen?" Chang-bin asked him, grinning. Once he noticed that he had been grinning widely at the male, his face fell, attempting to stay calm. After all, he needed to keep his "chill" reputation.

"Nothing happened. I just feel happy when I see you," Felix answered, smiling widely at the male. Chang-bin tilted his head and coughed, turning back to the piano.

"Hey, Felix."


"You do know that you're going to get in trouble, right?"

"Not at all. I told the teacher if I could join the music program and he agreed, so that means I could come here whenever I can."

Chang-bin's eyes widened, the butterflies inside his stomach going haywire. Did this mean Felix could be here every day? Chang-bin smiled, turning back to the piano.

"That's great." Felix nodded, standing up from his usual corner and sitting next to Chang-bin.

"Hey, do you know someone named Woo-jin?"

Damn it. Please don't tell me he's friends with him.

"Y-Yeah. Why?"

"I became friends with him. He's really nice. Is he your friend, too?"

Chang-bin nodded, internally cursing at himself for not being there. He knew Woo-jin was fake this whole time. He knew he was going to do something bad to Felix. He knew him like the back of his palm.

And god did he swear to stay by Felix's side forever.


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(I'm feeling very creative today, so expect a lot of chapters coming your way.)

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