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ROAMING the halls, Felix found himself lost like every other freshman on their first day. His head twisted around side to side, his eyes scanning the numbers on the doors for his corresponding classroom. Felix kept on, continuing his tough journey on finding his classroom. He neared some stairs, rushing downstairs. He stopped in his tracks as he noticed that the classrooms downstairs were all empty. Felix sighed, leaning his head back. His adams apple was quite visible if he leaned back his hair, guaranteed to attract anybody. He leaned his head forward, walking forward to a big elevator at the end of the hallway. As he neared the elevator, he heard a sound. Not footsteps, not shouting, but a piano. He turned his head to the sound, eyeing the window. A clear male figure appeared, his appearance seeming rich. Felix sighed, knowing that this guy was not to be messed with judging from his style. Felix's eyes averted to his face, scanning his every feature. Felix fell in a trance just by staring at him, but that ended quickly as the guy hit the lowest key. The sound vibrated through the walls somehow, shivers trailing down Felix's spine. The guy turned his head to the window slowly, both males engaging in eye contact. Felix gulped and looked away before walking towards the elevator, attempting to forget the moment.

His gaze...

Felix breathed in relief, hoping the guy would ignore what just happened and move on. For now, all that Felix needed to worry about was going to class. Yet, even if he tried to forget his moment with the mysterious guy, he couldn't. He could never forget that moment.


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